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I've been with Progressive for 9 years. I was in a car accident 3 weeks ago. My car was deemed a total loss and Progressive offered me a rediculous low ball settlement check. I own the car outright and worked my [censor] off to pay it off less than 6 months ago. I fought and argued that the "comps" they selected to determine the value of my car were subpar. They had much more milage or were multiple owner vehicles, some had even been in a wreck. These are not comps. I had a pretty much perfect condition, one owner, 6 year old car, with 60k miles on it. They did up the value a bit but not as much as it should have been. I could not replace my car for the value they thought it was unless I wanted one of those subpar options. This went on for two weeks. They sent out another adjuster to review the inspection of the damage on my car and somehow came up with even more damage. In the end, the tipping point determining whether my car was totaled or not was a mere $600. They would not budge any further and I finally accepted the settlement after researching what it means to own a salvage/rebuilt vehicle because I'm keeping my damn car. Insurability and financing a future buyer may be a difficulty for a salavage title, but as I love my car and worked so hard for it, it was worth it to me. I could have kept fighting, the next step would have been arbitration but that would only cost me more money and time.

Progressive claimed that they would continue to cover my car at full coverage, no change to my policy. I wasn't comfortable with that answer because they seemed to want nothing but to total my car. Why? So I called back and asked more questions. I taliked to 3 different reps about this issue, a singular contact would have been really great. Yeah, I could keep paying the premium for full coverage but my car would never actually receive that coverage. Should it be in an accident again, progressive will only pay out the scrap value of the car. Why would I pay for full coverage to only receive what is essentially liability coverage? I started to shop around and found five companies that would cover a salvage/rebuilt title. I went with State Farm with better coverage for about $20 more a month than I have been paying with Progressive. I moved all three of my policies today - auto, motorcycle, and home. I now have 250/500/250 with a $500 deductible, roadside, and rental coverage, as well as an umbrella liability policy. For only $20 more. And I have a real agent I can speak to face-to-face, if I wanted, about my policies and claims. This alone is invaluable.

You truly get what you pay for with Progressive.

Jan 29, 2017

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