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Primus Canada / unauthorized cancellation

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Hello everyone, I would like to share with you a true story, something happened today and I want to share with the world. You're about to hear me ### at what Horrible Service you can get from companies such as Vonage and Primus.

My spouse and I have had phone service with Primus Canada (Talk Broadband VOIP) for over 3+years and the service has always been crappy. But we stayed since it was an easy thing to do and the price is very good.
Lately we figured we would switch to Vonage for the same price... and thought we would get a be better service.

Well, after 3 weeks of trying to get a phone number transferred (so we could keep the same phone number) everything has gone wrong!!! Vonage says the address is a mismatch when Primus confirmed the address is fine.

Tonight, I have just spend over 3 hours on the phone with both 'stoopid' companies and guess what? My phone number, which used to be xxx-xxx-xxxx has been cancelled and apparently we can never get it back again... so much for this great option we have in Canada to keep the same number while switching phone companies... Never try this at home!

I am now waiting for a supervisor to call me back within 3 business days because those 'so called managers' working there don't want to take escalated calls.

In the meantime, I am in the mist of starting some action against both companies and hope to get some kind of compensation for this bad service.

I have filed a complaint with the CCTS ( ); I need their help because Primus has violated privacy laws... (see below for explanation)
I am also going to try to get this story aired on TV (who knows, if I have the time and the chance to do so)

To make a long story short this is what's happened:
David at Primus says he spoke to me on Nov 4th around 2pm and I authorized the cancellation of my existing number because I apparently told him the number transfer was completed and successful... that's bull***t, I never spoke to anyone at Primus on November 4th. Actually, when speaking with Denise, I found out that they called XXX-XXX-XXXX and spoke to a 'ret**d' who posed as the consumer and confirmed that the line transfer was done and I was authorizing to cancel my phone number. The phone number they called used to belong to FXXX, it was his cell phone number 3 years ago. I called that number and listened to the personal voicemail message, the 'l@ser' who now owns this number gives out his phone pin which is 1234... Basically, anyone calling him can get into his personal options and do just about anything. (If I wanted, I could log in his options and change his personal message or something... maybe even call Telus which is his phone provider and cancel his phone... (but I won't do that).

So now, Primus has obtained authorization from an unknown person, without proper verification, and has cancelled my phone number. (which doesn't make sense because when you request a number transfer you don't need to authorize the old service provider to cancel your phone, it's done automatically) This is CRAZY!!!

This battle is not over... watch me get somewhere interesting with this saga. I will not stop until I get justice.

Now I am stuck with a new NEW PHONE NUMBER from Vonage which I don't want... but it won't be for very long since we are also going to cancel Vonage very shortly... once we figure out who can give us the best service... but in Canada you don't really have much choice :-(

If this doesn't get resolved I will have to call over 20 service providers that I deal with to give them my new phone number, including the government, basically everyone and anyone who has my old number... why? Because of incompetent people working at Primus Canada.

Stay tuned for how it ends...

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  • Mm
      4th of Aug, 2010
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    I know exactly how you feel about the new number! After the 2 weeks I was with this so called "service" provider, and switched back to Rogers, they were UNABLE to port over my number (which I'd had forever) from Primus. Apparently, once Primus has your number, you can't get it back. SO NOW .. I'm changing my phone number everywhere just because I made the stupid decision to try to save money.

    Be VERY aware of all issues with this company before you decide to save a few bucks.

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