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I was a lease operator for prime from 08/2014 to the end of 07/2015, I only left because my wife had cancer. I found prime to be a great company to be driving for. I was bringing in 1500.00 to 3500.00 a week every week, that being said I can't see how all these whining, crying, babies can't seem to make money. From 01/2015 till the end of 07/2015 my truck#650455 earned 126, 000.00 and it was very easy to do. All you have to do is DRIVE, be on time and do your job. I am very happy to say that my wife is now cancer free and I will be returning to prime on 08/29/2016 and I can't wait to get back. I would not be very honest if I said that I liked everything about prime because There were a few things things I still have issues with. Every company has it's quirks and Prime is no different. If you want to make money this IS THE PLACE but you have to work no free rides, if you want to be home every week or two this is not for you because you will never make money like that. I typically stayed out six to ten weeks at a time, went home for a week to ten days. As for all this B.S. about repairs I never had an issue but I paid for all my repairs, and PM'S cash only I kept prime deductions to a minimum. I had 200.00 a week put into my emergency I pay for repairs and such. After six months with them I carried a 5000.00 surplus on my Com-Data card at all times, that being said if you lease from Prime and don't or can't make money you are either a slacker or your dead and should be driving for C.R. England or swift but please stop all the B.S. because nothing I read on this site is even close to the truth you people must be liberal democraps and are unable to process rational thought.

Aug 02, 2016
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      May 04, 2018

    This review is OBVIOUSLY a company SHILL/TROLL!!
    Don't believe a word written here. These trolls will say ANYTHING to get you to believe their [censored]!!

    I myself AND several friends have left Prime over the last 4 years and would NEVER return. Nothing but headaches / always a problems with this or that. Read the review on Fraud and Lies, it's the Truth.

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