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On 1/24/2017 I booked a trip through Priceline. Priceline trip [protected]. My search for hotel was Riu Palace Penninsula. When I got the itinerary it was Riu Cancun. Immediately after getting the itinerary I called Priceline customer service to let them know that the wrong hotel was booked. They told me within 24 hours that the hotel and airfare could be canceled. I also checked with the Riu hotels and they told me that the hotel reservation could be canceled but must be done through Priceline. The airfare portion was canceled without problem.

I have been getting the run around from Priceline stating that the hotel will not cancel the Hotel portion of this reservation. This is NOT true. Riu customer service is stating this CAN be canceled.

The correct hotel was booked through Priceline as well as airfare with Trip #[protected]. This issue needs to be resolved as one week ago I was told it would be and I get an email 1/30/2017 from Priceline Travel Support Team stating the Riu Hotels will not Cancel this reservation. Simply not true.

I was told that if the hotel told me the reservation could be canceled they would honor the cancel. Please pull the conversations as you say they are recorded for quality assurance. I talked to at least 3 Priceline reps as well as Riu that told me this same information.

Jan 31, 2017

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