Priceline.comdid not get what I expected

I used priceline deal express for a 4.5 star hotel for Miami Beach. The hotel chosen for my reservation was Royal Palms Hotel, which was a hotel I have stayed in before and did not have a good experience when previously stayed. I called customer service to express my concerns with hotel, stating that I would like to change my hotel and that I was even willing to pay extra to get the 4.5 star hotel that I was under the impression I would be getting. I even read reviews on your website for the hotel thinking maybe this hotel had been renovated or improved and majority of reviews were complaints of hotel cleanliness and 4.5 star rating was not the standard of this hotel.
I called customer service and stated my concerns with my stay and was told by the manager and his staff that I had to call the Hotel myself and state my issues, which I felt was not my job. I also expressed concerns for not wanting to wait until the day of my check in to handle this problem and not have any lodging and would have to find hotel to stay in.

Jun 03, 2018

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