Prevention Magazinescam

I have always pay my bills on time. Out of the blue, I received a debt collection company threatening me to pay up for subscription to Prevention Magazine which I never renewed after it expired. This is absolutely scam. Normally, a respectable magazine will stop sending magazine once you expired. When I call them, they have the nerve to tell me that I am "automatically" enrolled into the renewal program which I seriously never sign up. I told them that I will not fear to take up legal actions against them if they will not cancel my future subscription and write off my balance. I am not obligated to pay them just because they kept sending their stupid magazine after it expired. Never signed up with prevention magazine unless you decided to pay them until the day you die. They are just mafia who try to bully you to buy their magazine. I wish some media/news will pick up this new so that they will not victimize others.


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