Prestige Financesviolation of entry into bank account


I too became unemployed and started to be late on my loan, after paying ontime for the past 4 yrs.
Prestige called in July and wanted July's and August's payment, they had to have my bank account
number so these payments can be scheduled to go in. I told them I wasn't sure about augusts payment,
and they told me to get in touch with them at least one day in advance. My payment for Aug was scheduled for the 11the, I contacted them on 6th telling them I did not have the money in the bank to please not send that payment in and cause me overdraft fees. Well, they told me too bad, borrow the money or take a payday loan, and went into my account twice, causing me to now owe the bank $70
in overdraft fees. There ought to be a law to prevent finance companies from doing this. I told them not
to go into my bank and specifically said they no longer have my permission to enter my bank account.
Is there anything I can do about this?

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