Preferred HomecareUnauthorized charges

Originally my wife needed a tank and was approved by you all and was told that our monthly bill would be $8.57 a month, that was all. I watch my bank and on [protected] is when it run through. Then some time forward a bill for $14.00 came through on [protected]. Then a bill for $8.31 on 10-26-2016. Then a bill for $15.44. I then called to find out what was going on and they told me this is what it was going to cost from here on out. On 12-21-2016 I noticed a pending payment for the amount $123.48 showed up?? Which I called and ask what was going on. I was told that they sent me an email on 12-01-2016?? It did not exist?? My wife called to get a copy of the email and they could not produce and sent us a copy of a bill for $61.74 with AUTO PAY ON stamped across the front which I never received and said a total of $138.92 would be deducted on 12-21-2016. First thing I NEVER RECEIVED EMAIL OR STATEMENT before that...This was 2 days before Christmas...
Number 2...I agreed to pay $8.57 a month told by your people who delivered units...
Number 3...I did not agree to Higher Amount too be withdraw-ed..
Number 4...PreFerred HomeCare Claudia @ [protected] @ 10:30 am told my wife to contact our insurance company about it?????????
Number 5...Called my bank and had the $123.48 on 12-29-2016 that this charge was NOT AUTHORIZED and to refuse payment...
Number 6... I noticed a pending transaction today [protected] for $154.36...Again, NOT an AUTHORIZED PAYMENT or notice that it was coming?????
Number 7...This is fraudulence and I will not authorize this payment...
Number 8...TOO many inconsistencies and Not pre-approved by myself.
Number 9...Official Notice on AutoPay
TURN OFF or will be reported...
Thanks for your time..Jerry / Spouse of Diane Addison Acct# UG171

Jan 24, 2017

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