Preferred HomecareCpap monthly supplies late/orders lost

I received a new CPAP machine 1/25/16. Between 2/25/16 and 11/25/16, delivery of CPAP supplies occurred In a timely manner, about the 25th of each month, However, in December a problem developed. Since 12/25/16 was both a Sunday and a holiday, I called Friday, Dec 23 to order my supplies. I was told they would be scheduled for 12/27. When 12/30 arrived and no delivery arrived, I called to inquire of the order. I was told they could find no record of the order. They reordered it with a 12/2 delivery date. I called for the Feb order the few days of Jan., and was told it would be scheduled for Feb 2. On Feb 1 I called to verify the 2/2 delivery. I was told it was scheduled for Fri 2/3. It failed to arrive. Since the next business day will be Mon 2/6, and that is uncertain, I believe it safe to say that, at best, the 30 day delivery interval has been stretched to at least a 34 day interval.

In a day and age where even the smallest businesses have a customer order system via internet, Preferred Homecare is stuck in an unreliable, ineffective, customer order system where the person taking the order appears to be unaccountable for their ineffective efforts.

The quality of the CPAP mask is inadequate to remain effective more than 30 days. Please attempt to actually deliver the supplies every 30 days in a timely manner

Feb 04, 2017

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