SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Defective product and non-existent customer service

United States

The 110cc P60 ATV we purchased for our son from was delivered on 7/13/11, which he still hasn't been able to ride. The laundry list of problems with the junk product we received include: a cracking sound & fire coming out the right side of the motor, rear brakes don't work, ignition switch is defective, front brake cable is melted from being wedged in the motor and the battery won't stay charged. (Sounds real safe for a kid to ride, doesn't it?!) Even though we should not have to worry about troubleshooting a brand new product, my husband started out willing to do so. However, after at least 20-30 attempted calls to customer service on 7/15, 7/18, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21 & 7/22, we've now discovered what a horrible company we made the mistake of dealing with! Never before have I heard of customer service reps hanging up on their customers, ignoring our phone calls, and lying everyday when they say their manager will call back, which never happens! They obviously do not know what customer service is! Unfortunately, we did not find all of the bad reviews online regarding this joke of a company until it was too late! We've submitted a complaint to BBB and our credit card company, but still worry that we may be out the money spent we wasted on this junk!

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