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I purchased a Go-kart from Powermotor Sports in California. I'm a resident of Alabama. Being a single parent the price was very expensive but it seem to be a great quality. No where on the site did it say I had to assemble the Go-Kart myself and not 1 instruction manual or tools as it says it *FREE* on the website that comes with the Go-Kart. I had to pay someone to assemble it $100 plus buy a tool set $39 outisde of the $987 I spent to purchase parts of a Go-Kart that came in a box. The goggles and gloves didn't come via UPS or with the shipment in which the Go-Kart came in. I called customer service to voice my complaint and was treated like PURE TRASH by Rosa and Max who both by the way hung up in my face after I asked to speak with a supervisor. I've worked in customer service before and know there is always a Supervisor. The fact that I spent my hard earned money to purchase from your company and to be treated like garbage is very and I do mean very nasty and unprofessional customer service. This is the ABSOLUTE WORSE experience I've ever had to deal with in making a purchase so big. I will most definitely let future customers know of hoe you all treat your customers and to not spend one dime with you all. I will also make sure social media gets a hold of my complaint.

Upset Customer
Latoya S Cunningham

Dec 06, 2016

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