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PowerHouse Gym / Dues

1 San Jacinto, CA, United States Review updated:

In early 2006 My husband and I decided to buy lifetime memberships to a then "Family Sports and Fitness Center". Everything was fine until August of 2007 when my husband injured himself. Three days after that injury I walked into the gym and spoke with the Manager. She said she would take care of it and when we wanted to start the membership back up we would have to come back in. October of 2008 my husband recuperated from his injuries and was working again so he dediced to go back to the gym. It had since become "Powerhouse gym". When we spoke to a employee there, who had known us from before, he said we had to pay $132.00 to re-start, then be charged the customary $ 45.00 for our duel membership dues and childcare. My husband gave him his new account information and paid the monies in cash. Within one week I got a call from ABC Financial stating the Powerhouse gym wanted to start collections on close to $900.00. I was shocked I asked why they said because we had not paid in 14 months. I explained I went to the manager spoke to them and everything should have been taken care of. rudely they said they were only doing what they were told. I spoke in person to an employee and explained what had happened, she then told me for the first time that "freezing" the account only last 6 months. How was I to know? The new manager told my husband that we are to pay 945.00 or no longer be welcomed at the gym.. That is ridiculous. To pay for services that were stopped and never used for 14 months. What do I do?

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  • Bo
      30th of Oct, 2009
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    Had same experience. I was member for a few years when it was World Gym. They changed name to Powerhouse, and of course, ok, whatever. I was moving to another state in March 2009 and went in to cancel. The manager made me wait for however long and then just took my cancellation and signed it without asking how we did, any way for you to stay, good luck, anything. He was rude and finally signed it and I went on my way. The collection agency, Paramount (Scamamount) Acceptance, continued to charge me monthly until September. I called them and told them I had canceled back in March, but they had no record of it. They told me to go to the gym and settle it there, and jeez, I was out of the state and couldn't go and get the cancellation. Turns out the gym HAD CLOSED and moved to wherever. I had to close CC that the payment was being made, but after 150.00 had been charged for services NOT rendered. The two "companies" were basically in cahoots with each other to steal my money. Lesson learned? Not sure...but I am going to use the internet to get the word out and my money back. The BBB has over 200 complaints against both companies and I hope someone reads this and GETS OUT NOW.

  • Gy
      10th of Apr, 2010
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    When the gym opened as "Family Sport and Fitness, " it contained new equipment and was cleaned regularly. Several years went by and the gym changed ownership. With the change of ownership, the cleaning and maintenance appears to have been severely reduced. A good bit of the equipment has torn or missing parts, and much of it is quite dirty. The smell is overpowering, especially in the back room and on even slightly warm days. There were paint swatches on the walls for years--with no painting completed--broken and cracked mirrors left up for long periods of time without replacement, poor ventilation,
    poor lighting, unresponsive management--the list is endless.

  • Ba
      1st of Oct, 2011
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    I joined in 2006 through my company. I never went to the gym and after a year I decided I had contributed enough to my lack of exercise. I have been trying to terminate my membership since. I have contacted the gym. No luck. I have contacted the bank to close the account. Key bank said they would just reopen the account and charge me nsf fees. I am not in a Key Bank state. I will have to travel 1200 miles to try to close the account. I will never trust this type of operation again. They are crooks.

  • Ja
      31st of May, 2014
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    I have been a member for 8 years. Its declined so much. In fact a friend has chosen to go to another gym after men's urinals was clogged over a week. As for me broken equipment over a week. Once I almost tripped on the treadmill as it was ripped with a big hole once you started going. There is never any hand sanitizer at any station. I HAVE told them this many times. They are 24 hours why cant someone recheck that. I go into woman's bathroom instead of paper towel in dispenser its on counter by sink so its soaked and unable to use. My son and I are sorry we renewed our membership. We are going elsewhere.

  • Sa
      5th of Jun, 2018
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    Today at 2:15 while waiting for my wife to finish her recumbent bike exercise, I was sitting down on a chair with my eyes closed when a young man grabbed me on the shoulder and said, "No sleeping allow" I was in shock and screamed at him telling him not to touch me. He could have spoke to me softly. He insisted I was sleeping and told him that was not the case. He got increasing ly obstreperous and did not believe me. It escalated from there and I told him he could kick me out of the club if he wanted to but he should not put his hands on me. I said it was an assault. He insisted it was not and it looked like I might have a medical condition. He had no business touching me issuing injunctions about sleeping when it was onyl supposition on his part. He said he was the owner. I said I didn't care who he was it still did not give him that right. If I was sleeping I would have been slouched. I sat erect in a meditative posture. He violated my space.

  • Sa
      5th of Jun, 2018
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    "An assault can be anything from a punch in the face to touching someone on the shoulder, as long as the contact happened without the consent (permission) of the person being touched."

    Was assaulted by an employee while meditating. He insisted I was sleeping. I was erect and not slouched. He insisted that I was sleeping because my eyes were closed.

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