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My most horrible experience and why I'll be telling everyone about it...I had family photos done a couple of years ago...bought the special and a couple of extra sheets, and the cd with all the photos from our session on it high res. I paid like $50.00 for the disk. When this coupon came, I called "corporate" and asked if I could use the 20% off coupon on the disk. I was assured I could and was reminded to "please let everyone know about your experience via social media" I made my appointment. Asked all my kids and grands to dress up nicely so we could have family portraits made like before. The place was pretty packed, but we didn't mind waiting past our appt time. The photographer, Bianca, got some very good shots. Once our session was over and we looked at photos, there were several, several that we liked, but there was glasses glare (4 of us in the photo were wearing glasses) or minor things like a big strand of hair over a face, etc. So my husband asked if they could fix that, and we were told they had no way to do that. I do, so I shrugged and said I could fix. THEN came the hit...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Little Rock, ARdespite what I'd been told on the phone when I spoke to "corporate" about being able to use the coupon on the disk, I was told that the minimum I'd need to spend to get the disk was $, excuse me?? I might could understand if they could touch up all the photos I wanted, but when 80% need touch up and you can't, why would I spend anything on photos that can't be touched up? That's just throwing away money. I'm attaching the ONE pose we went with, and even then, there's still glass glare on two of us...I am so frustrated and upset I could cry. I will NEVER get my husband back in this store because I was so upset...I look at the photos on the disk from last time--all 70+ of them--I even showed them the disk to see their logo to know I wasn't lying, it was theirs. But then they told me they delete all the photos upon checkout. So I bought the package and then I was told I could talk to the manager. But the photos had already been deleted, so what was the point? I was so upset I had to leave the store while they printed the pictures--my daughters waited. "I'd planned to have my daughters' senior pictures made, and other photos coming up, but now I'll go elsewhere. A place that will either touchup photos (hello, even schools do that now) or let you buy the cd without the crazy "it has to be with a package costing $300+" Yeah, I'm sure to let all my followers on social media know...I mean, "corporate" asked me to do that, right?! So upset and disappointed.

May 15, 2017

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