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B Nov 21, 2017

On November 18th my husband and I took our newborn to get photos made. Our appointment was scheduled at 1 and we sat there for over an hour and a half. This is after I was contacted that morning to move my scheduled time to 1 because they didn't have a photographer at 12 even though I scheduled my appointment online. The pictures were precious don't get me wrong. But my husband and I wanted to buy separate packages which our photographer showing us the photos said we could do. We picked what we wanted, my husband and i split the payment because we each wanted a different package, and they told us to come back in 20 minutes for our pictures. I sent my husband back in to get our photos and he brings them back out to me and there is only 2 pictures of our baby in the package along with 3 different families photos also. He takes it back in, comes back out and it's still not what we had ordered. Longer story short the manager said I could not order 2 separate packages and said that I paid an additional also $40 for one extra picture. He said the photographers were new and wasn't aware they couldn't do that. So I'm still out of over $100 for basically one picture and I'm very dissatisfied. It seems to me that higher ups can atleast give coupons or one free session considering all the cap and wasted money that was spent that day. Not just for my husband and I but to the rest of the families that spent all day there and had the same crappy service as us also.

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