Porsche Cars North America / 2011 Porsche Panamera

i was driving approx. At 55 mph, engine lost power, lost power steering, brakes felt like having no power and it was very difficult to brake. Electronic system seemed to have power, battery was not dead but engine was dead resulting in loss of power steering and break. A similar problem was also reported by another driver on july 12, 2012 on this model car (web search). Porsches has checked my car and they report that there is no error code and it meets their specification. When i asked if porsche was aware of a similar issue, porsche refused to provide an answer. When i requested to have the contact information to a technical rep in germany or porsche quality representative, it was refused by porsche. When i asked if porsche has done a fault simulation specific to my problem, they refused to answer. Loss of engine power while driving can be catastrophic and life threatening. I would like an official investigation into this defect.

Mar 23, 2016

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