Polarisdealer service and warranties

On november 19 2017 I had my 2016 polaris sportsman sent down for electrical warranty issues.
It sat there till december 22, 2016 as it was awaiting parts the electrical parts came the machine was returned to me, however a rear sway bar was broken on the machine they looked into the part for me to be covered by warranty which I did not ask for them to do so, the part wasn't in to fix it so I paid for the work and deductible to have my machine returned to me as to being dissatisfied with there service, now since being dissatisfied with there service the dealership has be contacting me demanding I return my machine to them at my own cost to have the sway bar link installed if not they will null my extended warranty and make me pay for the part which I already paid for I asked them to wait for my next service to have the work completed they said that's fine however within 24 hours the dealership contacted me again pressing me to return the bike or to face being penalized by having my extended warenty annulled, I paid $2100 for the extended warranty for 4 years I have had the machine for 16 months and it has spent six months of time in there shop which they will not cover me for lost time for warrentys as it sat in there shop. Prior to this warranty issuse they said they pdi the machine I had 300km in the machine and the brake caliper sheared off it the bike sat there for three months not being look at until I went down and purchased the parts my self off them and fixed the machine my self they turned around demanded once again to return me the machine to be looked st then reembursed me for the brake parts. It seems every time something happens to my my machine I paid for they seem to turn around and cuase me more grief then actually trying to help me fix my machine instead they run around in circles jumping off st me because i'm coming to them to help me with the warranty I paid for I shouldn't have to be demanded by them for there services they should come to me and say what can we do for me instead of fighting me tooth and nail there's no such thing as service any more just headaches. I don't want to be writing this but i'm tired with this companey lack of service and lack of customer communication all I keep herring is penalized this extra fee or charge that in order to get anything done I should be able to enjoy my machine and have confidence in knowing a dealership has me covered however they don't.

Jan 08, 2018

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