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I play poker on pokerstars as does my wife and daughter. We only play the low cost games. Mainly 10 cent games. My daughters computer stopped working so when she asked I didn't hesitate to let her log on to her own pokerstars account on my computer so she could play a game. Next day I am banned from pokerstars, my account balance confiscated, and they accuse me of cheating?
This is because 2 different accounts from the same computer? Surly this must happen all the time. I have emailed them repeatedly and they wont respond about my account balance that they have stolen.
They seem to be unapproachable.

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      15th of Jul, 2014

    That is how collusion is flagged. Same IP (or close) and 2 or more accounts playing from it.
    What is to stop you and family playing on the same table together and seeing what hands you have.
    You have gained an unfair advantage and PS will ban you immediately. Don't be naive.
    It's bad enough these days with all the Russians playing from their phones in the same room and on the same table.

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