PlumbworldPoor customer service

A Oct 30, 2015

Bought a shower from them on Ebay at £238.74 then noticed same thing on their Plumbworld's own website was priced at £201.98 (normal price, not a special offer). Accept it was my fault for not shopping around but assumed wrongly that Plumbworld was a reputable Company and that their Ebay prices would be the best. When I queried the gap in prices with them all I got was a confusing answer that their prices varied on different sites and they came across as being not bothered about whether I was a happy customer or not. I got a promise that a woman called JO, a supervisor would contact me by phone but that proved to be false as all I got was a curt email (not even from JO)saying that was their policy and end of story. Been trying to get a printed receipt for the shower from them for the last few days and this is proving near impossible. Obviously customer satisfaction is way down their list.

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