PLDT-Smart Home Broawful service

We are using pldt-smart home bro internet for a couple of months since early of may if im not wrong.last first week of dec, we encountered a problem, at first we thought its the computer that has the problem but then after 3 days, we decided to call pldt, Santiago city branch to come over and checked whats the problem, I was hoping they will come the next day but instead they gave gave a number to call for us to complain, to think im already cpmlaining at them personally. they are good in playing hide and seek! one time they offered us to do a job under the table, now what they can offer only is to disconnect the connection and pay them the reamining months, how stupid s that, they know how to install but they don't know how to repair, they are idiots!!! the customer's service keeps on telling me they alreadt send a technician to come at this day but nobody came, we are paying here and we don't get the service we deserve, pldt-smart sucks!

Dec 22, 2014

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