PLDT / horribly slow internet connection

Las Pinas, Philippines

For the past few days my internet has been horribly slow compared to a few weeks ago when it was undoubtedly at 250 kbps and now I would be lucky to get even over 30 kbps we've tried contacting Customer Service but they say the exact same thing again and again "Madam/Sir we are working to fix the problem" and i'm fed up with it our internet has also been increasingly unstable and it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting at will it seems like the guys over at PLDT haven't been paying attention at all to our problem and i want them to actually work on getting this problem fixed and not try to reassure us on the fact that they're fixing it well newsflash PLDT customer support: it's been weeks and nothing's changed if you guys can fix it or if it's even within your capacity to actually work and not repeat the same line again and again i'm pretty sure that a team of so-called "experts" would've been able to fix this but apparently not so if you imbeciles could get to work and fix you're internet problem then maybe you guys wouldn't be getting so much flak from everyone from being one of the worst internet providers in the Philippines. Also i would love to show you how fast my internet was before you guys screwed it up or whatever you ### did to it but i didn't know you guys would throttle our internet to the point where it takes 6 hrs to download 60mb so if we could get our internet back to faster-than-pocket-wifi speeds then that would be much appreciated. And take note that we are paying for a plan not a simple pocket wifi plan but an actual plan for reasonable internet speeds not turtle-slow internet speeds and if you guys would be able to fix this then that would be very much appreciated

Dec 26, 2014

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