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Y'all are by far the dumbest clothing franchise i've ever witnessed. My friend received a pair of BRAND NEW polo shorts from his grandmother 2 months ago. The shorts simply didn't fit him. She lives far away and didn't have the receipt so he couldn't return it. They were originally 70 DOLLARS and y'all offered him an embarrassing $6.25. He NEVER WORE THEM and they even had the PRICE TAG STILL ON IT. Even the other customers laughed at yalls amazing math skills. Customers even left after they saw how we got jipped. Y'all have officially lost us as customers and everyone we tell. And we will tell people not to go to y'all unless you want to get rammed in the ###. And btw we sold the shorts to another store for $45. Get your ###, y'all are def losing business. Y'all are pathetic.

-Sincerely everyone who can do basic math skills. ###.

May 10, 2017
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