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Entering the store I was greeted with the store policy and an estimated wait time of 45 minutes to an hour, after a different employee verified my yellow slip with my ID she asked me what was the wait time the first employee suggested "45 minutes to an hour, " stepping a few feet away from the counter. The employee that originally told me the estimated time asked the other employee that verified my ID what my estimated time was and she responded, "she has five bags, she said 45 minutes to an hour." He laughed and replied "she must be drunk because I did not say that.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Houston, TX" I stood there waiting for someone to notice, the employee that verified my ID noticed and asked "oh was that you?" The time was not an issue for me, I was planning to shop in the store for at least 2 hours, but I had no reason to lie about an estimated time that I was given nor cared. An hour passed, I was called to the counter to retrieve my items. The employee that said I was drunk gave me back one bag, and said he was able to buy a small stack of clothing for $18. I asked for my other bags, since there was five he said he thought I only had 2 bags so he didn't go through the other three, I said it was fine I had somewhere to be soon as an excuse to leave. I won't be returning to this location.

May 08, 2017
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  •   May 08, 2017

    You let that guy get away with calling you drunk? I would have humiliated him, right in front of his workmates.

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