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Phoned me up wanting to sell holiday packages. Offered $2000 in travel vouchers which could be used over a 3 year period. They said they used a direct debit payment system, which you paved off over period of time. They said no deductions would be done until a date we had agreed upon yet 3 days later they tried to deduct money from my account. I had informed them no monies would be available until that date and yet they still went ahead and tried to get money out of my account which was rejected. The company they had set up to do the transaction than wanted to charge me $11.90 because transaction didn't go through. I have now canceled my account and told them I will not be paying fees to anyone. Then I sent them the following email and received their answer below ...

Ok all cancelled.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Wednesday, 26 April 2017 11:59 AM
To: Info - Platinum Holiday Club
Subject: Failed debit

Good Morning,

I am contacting you to cancel the membership one of your sales representatives tentatively sold to me on Friday 21st, April 2017. During that conversation which I recorded via my phone she assured me that the membership and the information I had given her would not be acted upon, until I had received further information about Platinum holiday club as the only information I knew about your organisation at the time of the call, was what she was telling me during the cold canvas call she had made to me. I informed her that once I received that information on how the membership worked and the benefits I would receive by being a member, I would then make a decision and get back to PHC and inform her as whether I would go ahead or cancel membership before any membership was to have begun. She informed me I would receive information on how the membership and how the vouchers you received when joining would work via email with in the next 24 hours and to keep an eye out for it via my email. To date I have received no such information. Then on Saturday 22nd April, I received in my email an email from [protected] thanking me for choosing them to pay for PHC membership and yet I still had not received any information on how the club worked or had agreed to go ahead with anything. The other agreement we had was, if I had agreed to go ahead with the membership once I had read relevant information on how membership worked, which was supposed to be emailed to me and still to date I have not received any such email, that the first deduction would not occur until the 3/05/2017 So after receiving the email from ezidebt I became suspicious of you company and what you were about. There was no phone number attached to the ezidebt email and it was a no reply email. I informed your representative during her call that if I was to go ahead that the first deduction would need to take place on the 3/05/2017 as there would be insufficient funds in my account to proceed with a payment until then. Again she assured me no transaction would occur with my account until that date and I had agreed to go ahead with membership. This morning I receive 2 emails and 2 messages on my mobile phone informing me that the debit amount of $49 had failed to go through on the 24/04/2017 and I have now incurred a $11.90 dishonour fee. This time the email listed a phone number to contact you. I phoned the number as received a recorded message saying I had a five minute wait before being able to speak with anyone or I could contact you via this email address.
So please take note as far as I am concerned I do not have and will never take up a membership with your PHC. Your dealings with me have been nothing but lies. I was told I would receive information via email to explain what your club membership was about and how the vouchers I received if I proceeded and joined would work. No such information has arrived to date. After your representative also assured me, no transactions would occur until I had agreed to membership and once agreed that the $49 payment would not be deducted until the 3/05/2017 you went ahead and tried to process a transaction deduction on the 24/04/2017, again another lie...
As far as I am concerned I have no membership with Platinum Holiday Club an do not wish to start a membership with PHC. As for the the $11.90 dishonour fee I do not see that as my fault or debt as I had informed your representative that if we were to go ahead no deductions should occur before the 03/05/2016 as they would be insufficient funds in my account until then and yet your company went ahead and tried to process a transaction on the 24/04/2017.
I do not wish to be associated with a company which lies and does not follow through with things they say they will do. If you wish to proceed with this matter or any payments you believe are out standing to you than I will be getting my self a lawyer to deal with and settle this for me. Any further transaction to my account will be viewed as fraudulent.


Harry Maybir

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Apr 29, 2017

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