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I am/was a pt at the East Genesee office in Syracuse since Sept. 2017. I have been getting my birth control pills automatically refilled since then with no issues until today. I went to the pharmacy as usual to get my new pack of pills and was told by the pharmacist the refill request was DENIED?? The pharmacist called the office to get an explanation as to why the request was denied, she was told I needed to make an apt before they would refill my pills! That is a BIG issue. I asked the pharmacist to ask if they could front me a pack of pills to get me by until I could get in to be seen for a follow up, they REFUSED! They told the pharmacist they were very strict on this issue and I would have to be seen first, then I could get more pills. That is a huge problem and very unprofessional conduct. For one, I was a brand new pt back in Sept of 2017 AT THIS PARTICULAR OFFICE. No one EVER discussed this with me about being seen once a year before I could get more refills on pills. I was not EVER CONTACTED in advance with even so much as a letter or a phone call to remind me of this so-called policy they have. Now, I'm totally without birth control and having to interrupt my pill cycle. This is VERY unacceptable and completely WRONG! I have been forced to contact my PCP to see if they will write a Rx to front me at least one pack of pills until I'm able to make an apt with a different Dr. I will not ever do business with a Planned Parenthood EVER again, and would expect this office or provider, Dr. Harris to be disciplined in some way, this is against all the rules I THOUGHT Planned Parenthood was about. It seems to me if anyone was doing there job correctly and paying attention, when they received the refill request for more pills from the pharmacy, they KNEW I was going to be needing another Rx and they KNEW I was going to need a follow up, yet they FAILED to even call me for an appt reminder follow up to get my new pills. Someone dropped the ball somewhere, and this is a serious flaw in the way things are done at this office. I have been a long term patient at a different Planned Parenthood elsewhere and have NEVER had this happen to me. My pills were automatically filled, and when I had a pap smear, they made sure I had enough pills to last until my next pap smear, which was only every other year, maybe, which at the time they did the pap smear, they made the follow up that day, then called in advance to remind me of my next appt. so I would not ever have a lapse in my pill cycle. THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE! YOU SHOULD NOT EVER DENY A PATIENT OF THEIR BIRTH CONTROL. IT IS NOT A CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE!! VERY UNACCEPTABLE, SHAME ON YOU!

Oct 18, 2018
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      Oct 20, 2018
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    Maybe you should be more responsible and stop relying on taxpayers to pay for your birth control pills. You probably wouldn’t need them if you weren’t such a wild whøre.

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      Oct 20, 2018

    The medical provider's office is being responsible, insuring YOUR good health and also following the law. You got a 1 year Rx for OC's - 12 month's worth. It's OCT 2018...time for your annual exam, after which you'll receive another 12 months of refills. Just like eyeglasses or contacts - you can't get new ones without an annual exam. Smarten up before you blast your Planned Parenthood office.

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