SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Think Computer Foundation Fraudulent 501c3 Tax Evasion Scammers / data mining, making money off of the public's "dirty laundry" legal documents.

Shaker Heights, OH, United States Review updated:
Contact information:

Low Lives Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Neil S Greenspan & Judith Keene Greenspan owners of 501c(3) Tax Fraud Think Computer Foundation. Ripping off American Honest Hard Working Tax Payers, while these people live it up without doing any work at all. They just data mine the public's information to make an easy profit.

Aaron Jacob Greenspan just cannot leave people alone and just continuously has to harass and stalk people online.

Aaron Jacob Greenspan owns the following monetized websites: This vicious site was started up by Neil S Greenspan around 1997 or 1998

Aaron Jacob Greenspan has owned the following website since 2012 called is a reputation management company. In other words Aaron Jacob Greenspan first goes around hurting people's reputations by uploading people's legal documents in a selective manner, then with this company he of course wants to get paid good Money to remove the very same URL's that he is uploading online. This is called Extortion, Blackmail, Harassment and Stalking.

Aaron Greenspan tries to extort $4, 500 from people to remove each URL. This individual believes that he is "ABOVE THE LAW" and can just do whatever he feels like it to whoever he feels like it, as he is a Sociopath. Think Computer Foundation Fraudulent 501c3 Tax Evasion Scammers Think Computer Foundation Fraudulent 501c3 Tax Evasion Scammers Think Computer Foundation Fraudulent 501c3 Tax Evasion Scammers Think Computer Foundation Fraudulent 501c3 Tax Evasion Scammers Think Computer Foundation Fraudulent 501c3 Tax Evasion Scammers Think Computer Foundation Fraudulent 501c3 Tax Evasion Scammers Think Computer Foundation Fraudulent 501c3 Tax Evasion Scammers

Oct 15, 2018

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  • Le
      17th of Jan, 2019
    Best Best Advice

    New address for Fraud chairty 956 CAROLINA STREET SAN FRANCISCO CA.
    These people are into extortion and are a fraud.

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  • 95
      13th of Feb, 2019

    I guess extortionist don't reveal the reason behind their scams. So, I played their little game and sent a certified letter to the address to 956 Carolina ST San Francisco ca and 20560 SHELBURNE ROAD 44122 Shaker Heights Ohio And 340 South LEMON AVENUE #6720 WALNUT CA 91789.

    Explain this one, and Think Computer Foundation is "supposedly" located in shaker Heights; the certified letter was sent to all address; and last, the Affidavit that was filed in a county in shaker heights. He is a monster .

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  • 95
      13th of Feb, 2019

    He said he was going to eat me. Very creepy.

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  • Vi
      18th of Feb, 2019

    Neil S Greenspan and Aaron Greenspan are a Fraud, Con Artist and Extortionist. They are fake who uses his religion and pretend to be victim as a way to get people to trust Them. They are liars and will break the rules. Don't give them money. Aaron Greenspan will not keep his word and he will turn on you if you have any disputes with him. They will post on dirt in you .

    I wished someone would have warned me about Aaron Greenspan before I had to learn the hard way.

    They need to be locked up for harrassment .

    Here is public information on these thugs.

    956 Carolina Street
    San Francisco, CA 94107
    415 670 9350
    (216) 844-7494

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    Case Western Reserve University Go to
    School of Medicine
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    Neil Greenspan, MD, PhD
    Dr. Neil Greenspan
    Fax Number
    Professor Department of Pathology School of Medicine
    Dr. Neil Greenspan received his A.B., magna cum laude, in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard College in 1975. He then earned M.D. and Ph.D. (Immunology) degrees at the University of Pennsylvania. From 1981 until 1986, Dr. Greenspan was a Resident in Laboratory Medicine (Clinical Pathology) at Barnes Hospital, and from 1982-1985 he was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Molecular Immunology at Washington University, both in St. Louis. In 1986, Dr. Greenspan became a faculty member at the CWRU School of Medicine. He is currently Professor of Pathology at CWRU and the Director of the Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory at University Hospitals Case Medical Center.

    Research Information
    Research Interests
    My research interests include understanding, at a molecular level, immunological recognition, antibody function, vaccine efficacy, mechanisms of immunity to bacterial and viral pathogens, the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus, and applications of principles of evolution to immunology and related biomedical fields.

    Awards and Honors
    Magna Cum Laude 1975 Harvard College
    External Appointments
    Title Director, Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics Laboratory Organization/Publication University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
    View All Publications

    McLay J, Leonard E, Petersen S, Shapiro D, Greenspan NS, Schreiber JR (2002). g3 gene-disrupted mice selectively deficient in the dominant IgG subclass made to bacterial polysaccharides II. Increased susceptibility to fatal pneumococcal sepsis due to absence of anti-polysaccharide IgG3 is corrected by induction of anti-polysaccharide IgG1. J Immunol 168, 3437-3443.

    Gor DO, Ding X, Li Q, Schreiber JR, Dubinsky M, Greenspan NS (2002). Enhanced immunogenicity of pneumococcal surface adhesin A by genetic fusion to cytokines and evaluation of protective immunity in mice. Infect Immun 70, 5589-5595.

    Gor DO, Rose NR, Greenspan NS (2003). TH1-TH2, a Procrustean paradigm. Nature Immunol 4, 503-505.

    McCool TL, Schreiber JR*, Greenspan NS* (2003). Genetic variation influences the B cell response to immunization with a pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine. Infect Immun 71, 5402-5406. *shared senior authorship

    Gor DO, Ding X, Briles DE, Jacobs MR, Greenspan, NS (2005). Relationship between surface accessibility for PpmA, PsaA, and PspA and antibody-mediated immunity to systemic infection by Streptococcus pneumoniae. Infec. Immun 73, 1304-1312.

    Degree Doctor of Medicine Institution University of Pennsylvania Area of Study Immunology Year Received 1981
    Degree Doctor of Philosophy Institution University of Pennsylvania Area of Study Immunology
    Degree Bachelor of Arts Institution Harvard College Area of Study Biochemical Sciences Year Received 1975
    Institution Washington University Area of Study Postdoctoral Fellowship in Molecular Immunology
    Institution Barnes Hospital Area of Study Residency in Clinical Pathology
    Case Western Reserve University Logo with Tagline
    © 2019 Case Western Reserve University

    10900 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44106
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    Campus Location:
    Wolstein Research Building 5129
    2103 Cornell Road
    Cleveland, OH 44106

    Mailing Address:
    10900 Euclid Ave.
    Cleveland, OH 44106-7288

    Phone: 216.368.3611

    Email: [protected]

    Pure greedy animals.

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  • Pl
      20th of Feb, 2019 ruined me

    Desktop Computers / Think Computer Corporation Customer Service under illegal 501c think computer his father neil sociopath greenspan is the vp and treasurer
    Aaron Sociopath Greenspan / under illegal 501c think computer his father neil sociopath greenspan is the vp and treasurer
    United States
    Review updated: Feb 19, 2019
    Aaron "Sociopath" Greenspan was institutionalized and treated for some years at the following Psychiatric Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio:
    University Hospitals-Psychiatry
    10524 Euclid Ave
    Cleveland Ohio

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his Sociopath father Neil S Greenspan both receive the medication called Haldol for their Sociopathy, which includes delusions of grandeur and other brain chemistry imbalances.

    The University where Neil S Greenspan is not aware of how dangerous he is with his Sociopathic behaviors and if he does not take his medication as prescribed he could become violent and out of control.

    So, now what we have is the son Aaron Jacob Greenspan running around freely in society and doing dangerous anti-social things to people, like being selective as to what he uploads on people from Pacer, in order to intentionally destroy people's careers and lives both financially and emotionally. Aaron Jacob Greenspan should never be allowed to even go near a computer, smart device and should never be allowed to access Pacer from where he is downloading people's legal cases from to then intentionally and viciously destroy people's lives in a selective manner. under illegal 501c Think Computer his father Neil Sociopath Greenspan is the VP and Treasurer

    Updated by Aaron Greenspan is a Sociopath, Jan 07, 2018
    Aaron Greenspan is an insane Sociopath. Do not write or ask him in any way to remove something from because this insane individual will turn around and just makes things worst by altering legal documents and posting more docs.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan's father Neil S Greenspan from Shaker Heights Ohio is the VP and Treasurer for this vicious monetized website under a fraudulent 501c. People need to file complaints agains Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his family with the IRS, as they have been committing crimes against US Taxpayers for decades now. This family does not want to do real work, they just want to live off the backs of hard working men and women in the USA.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan's parents have been filling fraudulent tax returns for decades and have been fraudulently taking deductions for their son Simon and other items that are against IRS regulations. These people want to live high on the hog and evade paying taxes at every turn but certainly enjoy destroying people's lives who have to get up every day and do real work for a living.

    Aaron Jacob Greenspan is certainly a Sociopath and a dangerous menace to society. He should be placed in a Psychiatric Hospital for observation and he should not be allowed to even go near a computer, smart device or anyone's personal information. Aaron Jacob Greenspan and his father Neil S Greenspan who enables Aaron to the fullest extent to do these vicious things to people are two extremely sick Sociopath's.

    Neil S Greenspan simply hides his Sociopathic tendencies with his work but if he didn't have a place to go everyday and keep busy his Sociopathy would come out of the closet in full force, as he is just as sick or sicker than Aaron Jacob Greenspan.

    Aa Aaron Greenspan is a Sociopath Jan 7, 2018
    More Aaron Sociopath Greenspan Complaints & Reviews / Think Computer Corporation - under fraudulent 501c think computer [censor] father neil s greenspan is the vp and treasurer [280] / Think Computer Corporation - aaron jacob greenspan posting personal and private information on his website. [179]
    Neil S Greenspan VP and Treasurer for under fraudulent 501c non-profit called Think Computer - hacking in to state and federal databases to download sealed and sensitive information [115]
    Aaron Greenspan, Judith Greenspan, Neil Greenspan,, Complaint - aaron greenspan, judith greenspan, neil greenspan,, complaint [127] - They posted wrong details about me. They ruined my life [60]
    Aaron Greenspan Plainsite org Think Computer Foundation - pacer law dockets [6] / Think Computer Corporation - aaron greenspan [10] Think Computer Foundation Fraudulent 501c3 Tax Evasion Scammers - data mining, making money off of the public's "dirty laundry" legal documents. [4]
    Aaron Greenspan, Neil Greenspan, Judi Greenspan,, think computer, IRS fraud - aaron greenspan, neil greenspan, judi greenspan,, think computer, irs fraud [7]
    Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Neil S Greenspan & Judith Keene Greenspan owners of 501c(3) Tax Fraud Think Computer Corporation - uploading people's personal legal documents in a selective manner for the sole purpose of these owners of and to make money [48]
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    Sa Say No to Dweebs! 12th of Feb, 2019
    +4 Votes
    He be a Dweeb! We invented Time Travel. He a Dweeb.

    Tu Turing Investments scam 13th of Feb, 2019
    +3 Votes
    Turing Investments LLC another scam of his. Very much like FaceCash.
    2575 E Camelback Rd #870, Phoenix, AZ 85016

    Warning warning Warning!!!
    This is a warning to everyone that comes into contact with this con artist, thief, extortionist and sociopath!!!
    Do not trust a word he says!!
    Business owners beware.!!
    Do not hire or invest money with this felon.
    He will seem unassuming and charming and all the while - stealing money!!! He will ruin a company and its reputation.

    His goal is to shame you on into giving him money!!
    He has a violent history and is dangerous. He is a vindictive criminal who preys on people he thinks "have money".
    The Think Computer Foundation is Fraud chairty .

    Turing Investments LLC another scam of his. Very much like FaceCash.
    2575 E Camelback Rd #870, Phoenix, AZ 85016

    Ju Jug Jake 15th of Feb, 2019
    +2 Votes
    Fraudulent chairty to avoid IRS and harrass the public. He gets the freedom to harrass minorities tax free.

    Bi Billy the bully fighter 16th of Feb, 2019
    +3 Votes
    Psychopaths Aaron Greenspan, Judi keene Greenspan and Dr. Neil S. Greenspan approve of sites having their personal information so they sumbitted complaints.

    Aaron Greenspan is so dumb that he doesn't comorehand we dont like our info on Aaron Greenspan must have cheated his way into harvard.

    All words requiredAdd moreAdvanced Search
    DMCA (Copyright) Complaint to Google
    Aaron Greenspan
    [Private], , , US
    Sent on March 09, 2017
    Google Inc
    Mountain View, CA, 94043, US
    Google Inc
    Re: Unknown

    Copyright claim #1
    The works are photographs of me.
    DMCA Notices, Copyright
    TAGS 2017 Lumen
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    Ex extortionist suck 16th of Feb, 2019
    +4 Votes
    Pathological lier is tried to extort $10, 000 a day. He is a bully!!

    Ex Extortionist dweeb 19th of Feb, 2019
    0 Votes
    Idiot told legal how to hack into website.

    Pl ruined me 0 mins ago
    0 Votes
    If you see your name on you need to know that the webmaster Aaron Greenspan is racist and dumb. Aaron Greenspan is running a scam to to glean your information for her deceitful practice of naming everyone a cheater or illegal immigrant or thief.

    Aaron Greenspan plainsite wants to ruin as many lifes as he possibly can. Aaron Greenspan takes your personal information so he cam name you on his site as a theif and turn you into every organization he can think of, to cause harm, embarrassment or harassment to you.
    Aaron Greenspan gets his information from pacer records and sells the data. Such as the PlainSite :: Reality Check Facebook, Inc that he wrote with Christine Richard Orion Research LLC. @richardorionllc

    Aaron Greenspan will call you about your pacer records and actd very sweet and nice making you think he could be your friend, offers to remove your name. Aaron Greenspan has cheated every person he has done business with, so be very careful.
    Aaron Greenspan will ask a lot of questions, finding out where you live and relationships.

    Aaron Greenspan uses the names of John Fuenchem and lives 956 Carolina Street San Francisco, CA 94107 415 670-9350 @post.harvard.

    Aaron Greenspan and Think computer foundation is out to destroy everything and will use whatever means he can think of. Aaron Greenspan, Neil S Greenspan and Judi keene Greenspan have no remorse, and no conscience about what they doing. Aaron Greenspan has even been sued and lied to the court, and harassed the court clerks until they run the other direction when they know he is on the phone.

    Then Aaron Greenspan calls authorities requesting police reports and then you go up on in lights on his website does not matter whether or not you are.

    Aaron Greenspan is a liar and truly makes this stuff up. Nothing you read on is "OFFICIAL" or has any kind of validity, behind it. She is no one that has any kind of authority, Aaron Greenspan is not a journalist or lawye as he claims. Aaron Greenspan is a seriously disturbed person on a witch hunt.
    Think Computer Foundation is not a REPUTABLE ORGANIZATION. Aaron Greenspan has NO AUTHORITY what so ever to be doing what it is doing. The California State Attorney General is aware of her fraud, so is the Sec of State, the Governor and the FBI along with the local DA, and our congressman.

    You will understand that Aaron Greenspan is not normal. Aaron Greenspan text is illiterate, disjointed, defamatory, contradictory, and does not make sense most of the time.

    Aaron Greenspan is an extortionist, wanting money to remove those court documents from google search., but even those who have paid have not had their court dockets removed, plainsite just wants more money.

    If you find your name listed on it does not mean your bad person it only means he has had ruined your life.

    If you find yourself in this position and do not know what to do, contact lawyers to point you in the right direction as there are several agencies working on this.

    Don't worry, authorities are aware how Aaron Greenspan is using involved with fraud, stalking and harassment. don't be complacent about this and take it serious. Aaron Greenspan is a terrorist.

    +4 Votes
  • Pl
      21st of Feb, 2019

    These are all businesses that operate under Aaron Greenspan

    44122 Shaker Heights

    Newest location

    340 S. LEMON AVENUE #6720
    WALNUT CA 91789.

    2575 E Camelback Rd #870, Phoenix, AZ 85016

    Keene Promotions, Inc. | Promotional Products and
    450 Lexington Street
    Suite 1
    Newton, MA 02466-1921
    United States
    Phone: 1-617-243-0101
    Fax: 1-617-243-0202
    Web url:

    +8 Votes
  • He
      3rd of Mar, 2019

    Aaron greenspan is a felon.
    New address of greenspan felon. aaron greenspan the public hates you stop spreading lies about musk.

    Scam: 201815710639 turing feynman llc
    56 carolina street
    San francisco ca 9410
    Stephen chaitin
    (415) 308-7836

    Scam: c2933858 think computer corporation
    340 s. lemon avenue #6720
    Walnut ca 91789
    (this is a well know to po box location to conspire in fraud)

    +6 Votes
  • Ma
      22nd of Mar, 2019

    Pathological lying
    The compulsive urge to lie about matters big and small, regardless of the situation.

    +6 Votes
  • Me
      24th of Mar, 2019

    That's mental illness patient for you... ...
    big and mean when he's cowering behind a computer...meek and cowardly when the curtain he hides behind is pulled aside.

    +5 Votes
  • Cl
      7th of Apr, 2019

    @mental illness family Yes we agree! The mental illness runs in this family and they just think that they can get over on people. They must think that they are smarter, better and more superior to everyone else. They think that they as special. Ya! Special alright!
    They are Cyber Bullies who do sit behind a computer and harass and extort money out of people.

    0 Votes
  • Pl
      6th of Apr, 2019

    These criminals moved the business to Alabama to hide the extortion ways.

    Home > U.S. > Alabama > Montgomery
    Alabama Foreign Corporation · Updated 9/26/2015
    Sponsored Links

    Think Computer Corporation is an Alabama Foreign Corporation filed on May 17, 2011. The company's filing status is listed as Withdrawn and its File Number is 012-841.

    The Registered Agent on file for this company is Incorp Services Inc and is located at 2094 Myrtlewood Drive, Montgomery, AL 36111. The company's principal address is 3260 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304.
    File Number: 012-841
    Filing State: Alabama (AL)
    Domestic State: Delaware (DE)
    Filing Status: Withdrawn
    Filing Date: May 17, 2011
    Company Age: 7 Years, 11 Months
    Registered Agent:
    Incorp Services Inc
    2094 Myrtlewood Drive
    Montgomery, AL 36111
    Principal Address:
    3260 Hillview Avenue
    Palo Alto, CA 94304
    Sponsored Links

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