Pixmania / No refund / no reply

United Kingdom

I have complained on this board now and written 4 times to Pixmania and had no refund or reply to my emails. I bought the Panasonic HDC-SD900 High Definition Camcorder from Pixmania on the understanding that I could claim £50 cashback that was advertised on their web page as a Panasonic cashback deal and this is why I bought the camcorder from Pixmania. I filled in the cashback form and sent it to Panasonic who wrote back saying that it was not eligible as it is not UK stock and that I have to deal with Pixmania directly to claim the cashback. I wrote to : [protected], and [protected] with all the details and scans of all the paperwork. Neither have replied to me and it would be good to know what to do next. It is outrageous that Pixmania get away this and it seems like a scam to me.


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