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I was shopping at Pier 1 today and was told to visit and complete a survey - where the HELL is this so called survey??? Have searched your site for 30 mins. This really sucks!!!

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  • Ke
      13th of May, 2010

    location of survey...

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  • La
      19th of Feb, 2012

    I had the same issue wrt trying to find the survey. The site they refetence takes you to the pier1 homepage no matter what you try...very disappointing..

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  • Ja
      20th of Mar, 2015

    Pier 1 Imports - Pier1 treats their employees like garbage! The product is not what they say it is!

    I worked for Pier1 for a little over a year, and I'm surprised I made it that long!This place is not what it seems from the outside!

    The 'one of a kind' products they claim to have are flimsy and cheap with a hefty price tag. Pier1 makes it's employees bribe customers into signing up for their credit card! The managers change like the season. They will fire you for no reason at all!

    I live in an 'at will' state which means you can legally be fired for no reason at all! And they take advantage of that! If they think your weird or don't fit into the click at the store, they make it know! I've heard managers say that people don't get fired at Pier1 because we make it so miserable form them that they quit!

    And I quote that! At the end of the day, all I'm saying is I wouldn't shop here, and I certainly wouldn't recommend working here.

    To anyone!

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  • Gr
      10th of Jun, 2015

    I purchased a wall hanging in May of this year. The staff person and I looked over the item and I was satisfied with it. When I pulled the car up to get the delivery, which the salesperson was going to bring out to me, he told me there was a problem. He said he "noticed" that some of the mosaic pieces were missing. The purchase price was $200+. He told me the manager said she would give me an added discount if I decided to keep it. I had just opened a charge that day. I really liked the piece so decided to keep it and purchase some mosaic pieces to replace the missing ones. After getting it home and checking it over, I realized there were more missing than what he had pointed out. I found some that I thought would work but when my husband went to fix it, they would not. He had to manually cut each piece by hand. I have the piece hanging, but just wanted to let you know that I was not happy with the way it was handled. I would not purchase again from Pier1.

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  • Ma
      19th of Jul, 2015

    just as other complaints, it is impossible to find the correct site for the survey!!! Rachael at Store 0432 was very nice and helpful. Because of her I will go back, however, I am very worried about what I am reading in the survey with how employees are treated. What is wrong with treating people with respect and fairness which in turn encourages workers to stay and deliver good customer service which brings customers back, which makes corperate happy which should make you want to treat your employees well, which makes them happy which makes them want to give good customer service- etc-etc-etc. What is wrong with people today?

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  • Ja
      4th of Dec, 2015

    I visited store #0091 and was very pleased with the service and helpfulness of the employees. BUT! I purchased red swirled martini glasses that were on sale for 20 percent off. Very happy with my purchase until I got home and was removing the price stickers. Imagine my surprise when the sticker for 6.95 a glass was covering up a sticker for 6.00 on the glasses. I feel like I have been duped. Paying .76 more a glass might not seem like a big deal to some people, but it to me, it was a very big deal! I am not sure if this is a Pier 1 practice or just a one time incident. I will continue to shop at Pier 1, but you can be sure I will check the price stickers BEFORE making a purchase. Oh, and I will be telling all of my friends about this experience.
    Respectfully submitted, Janet Retzke, Sandusky, Ohio ([protected]

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  • Ca
      27th of Nov, 2016

    Was going to give a SUPER Compliment but had same issues. Finding Survey more than SUCKS!!! In this day and time, it should pop right up!!!
    MY TIme is not worth this, SHAME ON PIER ONE, You have some great employees that deserve recognition and we can't give it, because of your HORRIBLE website!!!

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