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Balsam Hill Complaints & Reviews

Balsam Hill / quality of product - cheap!

Nov 07, 2018

BUYER BEWARE! I ordered a tree, glass ornaments and 2 sets of "crystal and pearl beaded garlands". (3 garlands/set). My order was pushing $800 total and since it was over $699 I received a $50 discount. When they arrived, the garland strands were complete junk. Cheaply made and both set...

Balsam Hill / wreath

Feb 06, 2018

I ordered a wreath for my door in December of 2017. The website page never showed a cord, and I thought I was purchasing a wreath with battery operated lights. I mean who wants a plug running up their door? When I got it, It had a regular plug. I had always heard good things about thi...

Balsam Hill / please, ship my christmas tree asap

Nov 29, 2017

I ordered an Aspen Silver Fir Christmas tree at the beginning of November knowing how websites may work. Didn't know anything about this one, but I thought that ordering ahead of time would be a great idea. Well, yes, actually, it is, but not on this website. It looks great, by the way. Make...

Balsam Hill / prelit christmas tree

Nov 28, 2017

Ordered a 4.5 ft prelit Christmas tree for my 82 yr old mother last year. I was feeling guilty since we had just moved her out of her house and into a 55+ apartment. I wanted to get her a high quality Christmas tree to try and make the new place feel more like home. Tree worked fine last...

Balsam Hill / 6.5 ft blue spruce xmas tree

Dec 17, 2016

Bought on 12/27/14. Stored unopened for 2 years. Opened recently for Xmas now that we have a home. Product had inner branches and gaps . The inner branches were cheap substitute you would never even see on a Walmart tree for 1/3 the price. Cheap substitutes that don't look anything like a...

Balsam Hill / Tree

Dec 11, 2016

If only I had researched this company before ordering. Although having said that, yesterday they deleted all the negative comments that so, so many people had made on their Facebook page. Ordering fro them, really has been one of the worse customer service experience ever. They do NOT...

Balsam Hill / Don't deal with them!!

Dec 01, 2016

I have ordered a Christmas tree from this website because I saw many positive reviews about this seller, but I guess most of them were fake! I had a terrible experience with Balsam Hill and my order arrived completely damaged. I contacted them and asked for a refund and...

Balsam Hill / Defective and Deceptive Tree

Dec 13, 2014

Paid a lot of money for this tree and when it arrived it was defective and looked nothing like the tree we ordered. All the company did was send us lights and told us to fix it ourselves. The 1st photo is from the web site the second is the one we received. This is a Fraser Fir.

Balsam Hill Fir Tree 7.5' / Broken Product upon delivery: Wouldn't replace it

Sep 28, 2014

By far, the worst, most unbelievable consumer experience of my 50 years of life! Ordered the tree and paid expedited freight so it would arrive in time to enjoy it for two-three weeks prior to holiday. Upon arrival and setup, I discovered the whole bottom section of the white light...

Balsam Hill / Breach of selling regulations

Dec 18, 2012

I bought a tree on the last day of a "Sale", ending on a Monday in early October at midnight. I went back to the website a couple of days later, only to discover that the same "Sale" was running but under a different name. Having looked at the website on numerous occasions since, I have...

Balsam Hill / poor quality product, terrible customer service

Jan 27, 2012

This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. I spent over $1000 on an artificial tree. It was very complicated to set up, and I called customer support 3 times in the course of several hours to try to have them help me. Only one section of the lights would light up, but they gave...

Balsam Hill / No order and no apology

Dec 16, 2011

I placed an order on 12/6. Got no confirmation so I e-mailed on 12/7. Received response 12/8 verifying my order and saying that my order had been shipped on 12/7. I called on 12/13 to find out where my order was and was told that my order was cancelled and the item was out of stock! How...

Balsam Hill / Defective Tree and TERRIBLE Customer Service

Dec 15, 2011

We noticed after about 5 hours of use that there were a strand of lights out...the $500 tree was likely Dead On Arrival and we just did not notice the broken lights earlier. Customer Service (even my letters to the Found/CEO) refuses to pay for return shipping even after 5 phone calls and 2...

Balsam Hill / Poor customer service

Aug 31, 2011

This is the worst possible company you could ever consider doing business with regarding purchasing a Christmas tree. We are a very dissatisfied customer being added to the long list that seems to be growing with this company. There are numerous negative reviews, poor feedback and...

Balsam Hill / Poor service

Jul 20, 2011

Have had the same trouble as other reviewers. My wife and I spent $700 on a nice tree to be enjoyed supposedly for Years to come. When the tree arrived we set it up. It had a significant lean to the side that I could not fix. I took the tree apart and put it back together again at least 4...

Balsam Hill Trees / Bad Quality & No Customer Service

Jul 06, 2011

This is a nightmare of a company to deal with. I have personal experience of buying a 12' tree from Balsam Hill at a cost of around $2000. The biggest mistake I made last year. Once you have bought your Christmas tree from them it all goes downhill from then on. Lights burn out and...

Balsam Hill / Rip off

Jun 23, 2011

Balsam Hill is a complete Rip-Off...if you are even thinking about buying a tree from this company, please do yourself a favor. DON'T DO IT. IF YOU CHECK BBB.ORG AND READ THE COMPLAINTS, YOU DEFINITELY WON'T ORDER FROM THEM. ALSO, GOOGLE: BALSAM HILL COMPLAINTS AND YOU WON'T...



This is one of the worst e-commerce retailers out there. They just don't care about their products or their customers. I spent $2000 on a 12' tree from Balsam Hill. It arrived defective and has continuous lighting problems. This year more than 2000 out of the 4000 light bulbs do...

Balsam Hill Christmas Tree / Tree looks nothing Like Picture


I bought the tree in the middle of the year the picture of the tree was this full amazing full tree beautiful - a 600.00 plus tree on sale for 50% - mid year sale - and of course Oprah (i knew then I should have been weary) endorses the company. Well Christmas has come - in the middle of...

Artificial 48& Wreath / Damaged / Unclear Description


I purchased a wreath from Balsam Hill Christmas Tree Company and expected to get something to be proud of. Unfortunately the 48" artificial wreath was hinged, which was not disclosed anywhere on their website where a normal person could fine it. After calling Kathy at customer service, she...

Balsam Hill / ship product without all parts


I bought a tree from this company. I spent $1500. The tree arrived on time but they sent it with the wrong stand. I was unable to set the tree up. I tried calling them 20 times and was disconnected each and every time. I sent emails and created tickets and never received a response. My...

Balsam Hill / Will never buy from balsam hill


I purchased a prelite tree from balsam hill after one year had trouble with a section of the tree having shortage.I at the time i bought the tree was told there was 10 year warranty come to find out warranty on lights 3yr only tree branchs 5yr.spent way to much money on this tree will never buy from balsam hill.



This is the worst possible company you could ever consider doing business with regarding purchasing a Christmas tree. We are a very dissatisfied customer being added to the long list that seems to be growing with this company. There are numerous negative reviews, poor feedback and...

Balsam Hill/Artificial Christmas Tree / Credit for Christmas Tree


Received a Christmas Tree that was nothing like the photo and did not measure out to the 7.5 height Full 60" width 1, 000 lights that it said I would be getting. When I pulled out branches as far out as I could one branch and only one branch reached to 55 1/2" width advertised. Only one...

Balsam Hill/Vermont White Spruce / Nothing like product advertised


Shopped online for an artificial prelit christmas tree that would be easy to set up and enjoy. I am a single parent with several young children and need to do things by myself. The website for Balsam Hill showed videos/pictures of beaufiful life like trees. I decided to purchase a tree/on...

Balsam Hill / False Advertising


I wish I had found this website before ordering two artificial Christmas trees from this company. These people are criminals and they know it. The photographs they show on their website do not come close to representing the actual appearance of their products. I wouldn't be surprised...

Balsam Hill / Defective Product and Poor Customer Service


My Christmas Tree Nightmare With Balsam Hill, a terrible company. Lesson Learned: Do your homework and check reviews and opinions before you make an expensive purchase online. About 3 weeks ago I was bragging that I had ordered a fake tree that was on clearance from Balsam Hill...

Balsam Hill / Product Quality


Purchased an $800 Christmas tree from Balsam Hill last year. Upon taking it out this year all of the stickers that label the complex lighting had fallen off leaving no way to effectively assemble the tree. Upon contacting Balsam Hill they recommended that I try to glue or tape all the...

Balsam Hill Tree / Defective Tree/Bad Customer Service


Last year I bought a tree for $1229 from Balsam Hill Tree after checking out their branch kit. Spent a whole day trying to set up but found many defects - broken stand, balls of wired lights (not spread around the branches) branches coming out due to lack of push-pins & more. They...

Balsam Hill / Stuck with a xmas tree that won't stand & doesn't fully light

I ordered an artificial tree from this company on line. It arrived promptly, however upon opening & trying to assemble the tree on Thursday, we discovered that it did not fit into the stand. I immediately called "customer service" which the web site states is open 24 hours. I spoke with...

Balsam Hill Christmas Trees / Customer service direction leaves product unusable!


On July 20, 2007, I contacted Balsam Hil Christmas Tree Company via the internet to purchase a Norway Spruce, 9-ft full 79", with Color+Clear lights. The purchase price was promptly billed to my credit card. It was delivered on time as indicated by the shipper with no visible damage...

Balsam Hill / Deceptive advertisement!


I ordered an artificial Christmas tree from this company, being impressed with the photos and info. given in what to look for in purchasing an artificial tree. The tree that arrived at my home looked nothing like the photo representation. Balsam hill says that no wires or pole would be...