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My husband and I took our son to Wal-Mart to get his pictures taken a few weeks ago. My husband had called to get the appointment and went with me to get them taken. After the session, I assisted the woman in filling out our info and paid the nearly $150 with my credit card. I stopped by later to pick up our son's pictures and was told that I couldn't. The woman had entered my husband's name into the computer and without him or his dirver's license I was unable to pick up the pictures. When I explained that I was there and my card had been used (not to mention I had both my children with me at the time)I was given a line about protecting my son and that it is corporate policy etc. I offered my driver's license to show that I have the same address etc as the account but was told it wouldn't matter unless he was there. I called my husband, who is out of town on business and explained. He said there must be some mistake, I had been the one who gave them the info. So he called and was told that every customer is told of the policy when they input the info into the system - WE WERE NOT. He was told since he scheduled the appontment they had put him in as the contact. I have no problem with a policy to prevent strange people from picking up my child's pictures - my complaint is that as his mother they should have entered BOTH my husband and I into the system or at least told us who they put in the computer as the contact and that they would have to pick up the pictures. The woman had a terrible time using the computer system that day, in fact she had to hand write part of my receipt because she couldn't get it in the system. The others in the studio didn't seem to know much more than she did about the computer. The pictures were ok but the service is not good at all. This was my first time at the Wal-Mart picture studio and defnintly my last - as I'm still waiting for my husband to come home from his trip so my son's pictures can be picked up.

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      21st of Apr, 2009

    Most of the associates they hire are barely given a weeks worth of training. And those computers are a pain in the ### to learn to use if your not computer smart. Technical problems happen alot. And as far as the policy goes, it is policy but I'm surprised they didn't offer to speak to your husband over the phone. Normally a verbal agreement over the phone can be reached and pictures can then be picked up by said spouse. It shouldn't be that big of a deal.

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      29th of May, 2009

    I was given a week training and then if I ever had any questions, I've always had somebody to ask. I have always been a quick learner, so it turns out, I ended up answering questions from a lady that was there longer than me. I guess I just work in a great district. We all help each other out if we need it!
    Yes, that is our policy. Whoever is picking up the pictures needs to (a)have the reciept or (b)show ID showing they are the person that the pictures are under or (c) be able to give us a number(preferably to match the # we have) to speak with the person whoms name the pictures are under to verify who's in the picture, what they're wearing(about) and a near date of when they were in.
    There is no option for putting in 2 people in the computer, unless you put both first names in the "first name" box. But you would have to specify that. Its not something we just automatically do.
    The computer that we ring orders up on... PAIN IN THE ###!!! It is probably the hardest thing about the job! Its always coming up with error messages, if you go past one screen you can't go back to the previous, its just a pain.

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      19th of Sep, 2009

    I agree with Dawn here. Yes it is the policy of the company. Here is one reason why. There have been instances where a husband took pictures of his son. The son tells the mother-exwife about it. She goes up there and picts them up and keeps the pictures where as it was the husband that took the photos in the first place he did not get any photos of his son and has complained about the employees giving his pictures out to his ex wife.

    I myself have had an issue with someone during the 2006 christmas season. We had an issue with the lab sending out a whole roll of pictures. They had them done just not sent out. We called them several times to get them to be sent out and at one point they called us and said they were shipping them out and we would get them the next morning. Low and behold they were not there. We got out district manager to call though and get them sent out. They finally came the day after out DM called to get them sent out. As it was we had folks waiting on those pictures. Those that bought the composite (30$ value) got a discount on thier portraits those that did not buy the composites got them for the wait. Those that wanted refunds got them.

    One customer had bought some pictures for christmas on that roll. Another lady (she claimed to be the first lady's cousin) who did not have a reciept and her driver's license did not match the information in the system came up to get the refund that went with those pictures. I informed her that I could not give the refund to her but that the person who's name was on the computer could come up there and pick up the photos and get her refund. The lady then said that the person i am talking about just had her baby and wasn't coming up that night in the rain. I said thats fine she can come up when she is ready to come up it did not have to be that night. The lady then said she had premission to pick them up. She was on the phone to her so called cousin, but would not let me talk to her so i had no idea who she was really talking to. I still informed her i would not be giving the refund to her. She startd to throw a fit (i was with a customer at the sales desk.) demanding that i give her a refund and for the customer service number. I showed her the number on the big poster over the counter for all to see. She called it and was informed by customer service of the same policy. She then threw a fit asking to see the manager even though my name tag said studio manager on it. Of course it was not for the studio i was in. I was Studio Manager of Cedar Hill not Grand Prairie. But i was the only one in that studio at the time and for all purposes a Manager. She wanted to speak not to the studio manager but the Walmart manager. She went down still throwing her fits to the Store's Customer Service center and thier Night Manager came down and discussed it with me and asked how much the refund was going to be. I informed her of the amount but it would be given to the owner of the pictures as per company policy. Instead the store gave the lady that amount out of thier store to get her to go away. All they had to do was get security to make her leave the store. I myself was about to call the police to have her removed. For all I know the owner of the pictures did not get that money from her so called cousin. She did though get her pictures a week later and her refund from us seeing as she was the one in the system and she had the reciept.

    These are reasons why the policy is in place. It is to protect the person in the system not just your children.

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