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Picture Me / Portrait Studio / Poor service!

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I recently had portraits taken of my 3 month old daughter at the portrait studio with the intention of purchasing only there "promo"package of my favorite pose. When I called to schedule the appointment it took several calls with not even an answering machine picking up. On the day of the appointment the manager was in the studio training the photographer. The manager was on the phone most of the time calling another studio and leaving messages because she could not get through to that studio. After more than 45 minutes of the two photographers trying to take the pictures I then waited more than 20 minutes for the photographer to prepare the digital proofs for me to pick from. All along I was stating in the nicest way that I was only interested in one pose for the package and not all of the extras that she was preparing to show. Only after I had waited over an hour did the photographer inform me that the first pose was the only one I could purchase for the promo. This was extremely disappointing and upsetting.

I in no way had any input on the pose that was taken and in no way was informed that this is how it worked. I then asked how much additional prints were and was astonished by the $10 a sheet price. (I can get $3.99 sheets at another department store studio) I was also not impressed with the 2 1/2 week turn around. I went back to pick up my portraits the DAY AFTER I was told that they would be ready and could not get my pictures. The response I was given was" That date is an estimate, they could be back that afternoon or the next day.

All of this from a studio in the Wal-Mart, where we trust that we are getting the best deal for the best price. While I realize that the studio only rents space from the store, I can't believe that Wal-Mart is ok with this poor customer service even being associated with their store.

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  • Me
      1st of Jul, 2008
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    Being that the studio is Digital, there are three options when purchasing prints.

    a) Purchase the ad special for $7.99. You choose the pose. additional sheets are then $19.99 a sheet.

    b) (No ad special) Build your own collection at $9.99 a sheet. Mix and match the poses you'd like.

    c) (no ad special) Purchase one of our pre-set collections starting at $79.99, which gives you 5 poses, 10 sheets, and 3 free enhancements. (they go up from there, depending on your needs)

    I'm sorry you were dealing with a misinformed employee. We're not all like that. As far as the pricing goes, we don't make that decision, but have to follow what corporate decides. Nor do we have control over the turn around time.

    The date is not an estimate, and that girl should've been researching why your portraits weren't there yet. I get my picture shipment 3-4 days BEFORE the due date EVERY SINGLE WEEK. She must have looked at the wrong arrival date.

    I recommend contacting corporate customer service. Explain what happened, and see what they can do to help. It sounds as if the District Manager was training a new photographer. They're the only ones who will spend 45 min attempting to reach a studio to make sure it is covered.

    I'm very sorry this happened.

    1-888-742-6386 (toll free)


    Mail: CPI Corp
    1706 Washington Ave
    Saint Louis, MO 63103

  • Ji
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    My wife and I just had a rotten experience with these people this afternoon.

    We went with the idea that we would take the introductory package, as we were going to try out several studios. Our sons first birthday is in December and we figured whoever took the best pictures, had the best pricing for the quality, and was the easiest to deal with would get our business in December. Aside from celebrating his birthday with a big package, we must also have a few hundred 5x7's to pass out as gifts at his party (cultural thing). So we are looking to perhaps spend several hundred dollars, but only at the right studio!

    At first everything went well and we took several different poses. The time to see the digital proofs was very quick. However, once we saw the photos we were very underwhelmed with them. Some of them showed my fingers, as the photographer had me prop up my son. When the photographer began to pan and zoom the digital proofs, things started to look better. We even decided that a package might be a good idea as some of the pictures were very cute.

    The problem was that she wouldn't tell us how much packages cost. She became very rude when we insisted on knowing prices before we made decisions. It became so negative that my wife and I decided to stick to the original plan and get only the introductory offer. When we chose that picture, we were told it would cost an additional $30.00, because the picture had been zoomed. I was appalled.

    We then looked over the entire collection and realized that every single pose had something wrong. Either it was off center, to small, or was poorly set-up (one picture had my sons collar covering his mouth!).

    It was at that moment we realized the scam that was being pulled. The photographer made sure that each picture needed "enhancements" before it would be suitable. My wife and I looked at each other in disgust. Needless to say, Picture Me is now off our list!!!

    I will not bother calling customer care, as I don't really care to do business with theives. You couldn't give me pictures. They are con artists out to swindle people of money. I intend to tell EVERYONE what happened. I will blog this everywhere. Stay away from Picture Me!

    A professional photographer does not take the shot, unless it is the RIGHT picture. There should be little to no panning and zooming to make the picture look right! If the photographer doesn't take the RIGHT picture, they had better now charge to MAKE IT RIGHT. Doing so is a scam!!!

  • He
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    Hi there. $3.99 a sheet huh? I would almost bet that that "other store studio" charges a $20 sitting fee for the first subject and $10 for additional subjects. I would also bet that they aren't offering you one 10x13, one 8x10, two 5x7's, four 3x5's, and 16 wallets for $7.99. You mentioned that you were only there to purchase the "promotional package of your favorite pose" If you would have actually read the advertisement, you would have seen clearly that not only is it a one pose package...but it's also the very first pose that is taken...if it is a film studio that is. If it IS a film studio..then you saw the pictures as they were are given the choice to either accept the portrait...or try it again. If you are upset because you didn't get to pick a good pose, then I can't help but to think that it's partly your fault for accepting a portrait that you didn't like. If you would have done this, then you would have liked the first pose and would have been happy with it. Now...if this was a digital studio...which I know it wasn't because you were quoted $10.oo a sheet would have picked any pose you liked. those of you who complain because you feel you were mislead, I don't feel sorry for you. Your ignorance is not a reason to protest a service. Next time read the advertisement.

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