Phillips/ Magnavox 42& TV / Unwilling to Honor Warranty

FL, United States

I purchased a 42’ Phillips TV in May of last year. On December 21st, the power supply went out, a $280 repair and that’s when the nightmare began, I had to call the Phillips Customer Service Department. Although the TV was clearly under warranty, the very rude, condescending and unhelpful staff did everything they could to make the return process as difficult as possible. After first being assured that my replacement TV was on the way, with detailed instructions for returning the old unit in the box, I anxiously awaited the arrival of the delivery truck. All through the holiday bowl season, I patiently waited while watching the games on the 19’ we had in the closet. Finally, I called. What I was told next defies all logic. They aren’t sending a new 42” TV but they are shipping me a 32” and a 19” instead.
What? A 32” as a replacement for a 42”? After being assured that I am the most unreasonable man in the world for not accepting such a gracious offer, by everyone through the chain of minions with a script in hand, I finally was transferred to the “highest Level of Escalation” I was transferred to a very Rude woman in a foreign Country who assured me she had no Supervisor, at least one that would call me and that that’s the offer take it or leave it.
Well, let’s just say I left it for now but I hope this message gets out worldwide not to buy a Phillips TV if warranty is important to you. I had to save a long time to finally purchase a big screen TV and was counting on these people to stand behind their product. Magnavox, Emerson, and Sylvania are brands sold through Phillips with the same customer No- Service Department handling the returns and beating as many people a day out of their warranties as they can.
If you buy one of these TV’s and it breaks, you will get the shaft. You have been warned!


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