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Philips Ambilight 42& LCD TV / Amblight problems

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Philips 42" LCD Flatpanel TV Model 42PF9831D/37 Ambilight

I purchased a brand new Philips 42" Flatpanel TV from a company named Dad's Toys. I registered the television's warranty with Philips when I received it in April. I had the TV less than a month and the bottom right corner of the Ambilight feature kept going out, also the picture kept going dark. I phone Philip's warranty service and they set up an appointment with Electra-Sound in Parma to have it fixed. Electa-Sound came and picked up the television, finally, on 7/31/07. They had it almost a month and finally returned it on 8/22/07. They said the television was fixed, they ran it three days and the picture was fixed and the ambilight was fixed. I watched the television for 15 minutes and the same bottom right corner of the ambilight went out again. I immediately phoned Philips about this. They said they would still pay Electra-Sound for fixing it, even though they clearly did not touch it, and I could call Pro-Tec Electric in Cuyahoga Falls to again have it fixed at their expense. I phoned Pro-Tec and explained the problem. They were unable to pick up the television for repair for two weeks, so I brought it to them sometime in the beginning of September of 2007. They looked at the television and were able to fix the picture, just a software update. As far as the ambilight, they needed to order a new source board for the inside. Upon ordering the part, they found out that Philips no longer had the part in stock. Philips then contacted me about this and offered to replace the television. They wanted to give me the new model, I am attaching the model number. I reluctantly agreed to this. Reluctantly because the television I had purchased had the full ambilight feature, meaning the light was on all the way around the television, retailing for 3500.00. The television they were sending only has the ambilight on the sides, retailing for 1699.00 I was very upset on the phone being as I was losing so much money, but all they said was they were replacing it with the 'comparable' model they now produce. Other words they gave me no choice, take what they are offering or keep my original television that was broken. So I agreed, told them to send it just to be done with the matter and have my television back. They shipped the replacement on 9/26/07 to Pro-Tec. Pro-Tec received the television and I picked it up from them on 10/18/07. I brought it home, opened it up, and discovered that Philips in fact did not send me a new television, they sent me a 'refurbished' television. The front of this television is covered with scratches. I am sick of trying to talk to them about this. I want MY television replaced. I've already lost alot of money over this and they are not standing by their warranty. They didn't replace my new television with a new television. They sent me a used one and pretty much told me the difference in the cost is pretty much too bad, they can't do anything about it. I either want a brand new television to replace my original television, or I want a 3500.00 refund so I can purchase a new television from another manufacturer. Can someone please help me with this?

Sincerely Frustrated
David L. Sawyer
245 So. Diamond St.
Ravenna, Ohio, 44266

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  • Jo
      28th of May, 2008
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    Listen, when you buy a TV or any product with a warranty it is a CONTRACT. Said company with warranty will stand by their product DURING it's course of the warranty period. Maybe if you actually bothered to READ the warranty you might have noticed it read and I quote from what it says in the back of your manual: "At its option, Philips will either (1) repair the product at no
    charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or (2)
    exchange the product with a product that is new or which
    has been manufactured from new, or serviceable used parts
    and is at least functionally equivalent or most comparable
    to the original product in Philips current inventory, or (3)
    refund the original purchase price of the product."

    So! It looks to me that Philips went with option 2 and replaced your TV with a refurbished unit which is WELL within their right to do. Why? BECAUSE, as SOON as you bought that TV you consented to their warranty and all the terms it applied. You have NO right to tell Philips that they were wrong in exchanging your TV with that model they provided to you.

    Also let me explain something else to you in case you aren't aware. When retail stores sell TVs for 3000 or 4000 or whatever the price may be, it is the STORES price not Philips. Philips will sell the TVs to the store at what they call a WHOLESALE price. It is up to the retailer's discretion as to what they will sell it to consumer's. Usually it will always be higher than the wholesale price so the retailer will make some profit.

    So to end it all, man up, take care of business and stop whining. Learn to live life and appreciate it for what it's worth and not ### and crying because poor little David got "screwed" with an electronic that is guaranteed to break down.

  • Me
      1st of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    We have a 42" ambilight and it has worked fine until the warranty ran out. Now you can't turn it on without un plugging it and waiting and replug. This morning after the unplug ritual, the picture is green. We have tried to adjust it, but it seems we have a big old black and white TV. Any suggestions on repair or cause of the color problem.

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