Philippine Airlinespal international airbus flight cramped and significantly late

To whom it may concern,

I have always chosen PAL by choice whenever I fly to Cebu from Montreal, Canada because of its Safety record, Comfort, Food and in particular, the competence and courtesy of your entire flight staff. Recently, I purchased round trip tickets from/to Montreal to Cebu; However, on flight PR 0017 from Vancouver to Manila on December 13th, 2016, I had the worst airline related experience in my life for the following reasons.

1. I am a 69 year old male, weigh 215 lbs and am 6ft - 2in tall and enjoy the seat size & leg room in the economy class of the advertized BOEING 777 JET, especially for a 14 hour flight. As soon as I boarded the airplane, I realized that it was an Airbus and not the advertized BOEING 777 and the Airbus's seat and leg room was significantly smaller than that of the BOEING 777. The leg room was so small that my knees were pressing against the seat in front of me and very often, I had to place my legs in the aisle.

2. In addition, the interior condition of the Airbus was shabby & dingy which is so unlike other PAL commercial jets that are clean.

3. Adding to my frustration, all passengers were delayed by 3 hours due to a computer problem that the pilot discovered before departing Vancouver. This 3-hour delay coupled with the scheduled 14-hour flight caused the flight time to be 17 hours from Vancouver to Manila.

4. Arriving late in Manila, caused me to miss my scheduled PAL Domestic flight from Manila to Cebu which would have brought me into Cebu on December 15th, 2016 at around 8:15 AM local time. My fiancée who arrived at Cebu Mactan International to greet me had to wait until almost 11:00 AM before I finally arrived.

5. My return trip from Cebu to Montreal is scheduled to leave Cebu on flight PR 2850 on April 11th, 2017 at 10:30 AM local time.

I am seriously thinking about trying out Air China from Manila to Montreal via Beijing; however, as a loyal customer of PAL, I will remain a loyal customer if you have the professionalism to show me that you care about my verifiable ordeal and as such, upgrade my economy seat to at least a business class seat on my return flight from Manila to Vancouver.


Michael R. Percher


Jan 19, 2017

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