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Manila, Philippines

We travelled with Philippine Air on January 2017 from Busuanga Airport to Manila. While doing our check in and bag drop we were disappointed to discover that we were asked to pay extra for anything over 10kg in luggage per person. This was shocking to us because when we initially booked these flights online (May 24 2016 Budget economy ticket - PHP 3545 per person) we called back and spoke to someone and they reassured us that if we paid an upgrade fee to a Regular Economy ticket (an extra PHP 448 per person) we could have 20kg per person. Naturally we took this offer up and made sure that we brought all the paperwork with us to the airport for the check in. Unfortunately, the staff at the airport told us that it was a mistake and that no one is allowed extra baggage unless paying the fee on the spot at the airport. Despite it being the fault of the customer service operator back in May, we were told that we had to to pay a very high PHP 3000 for the extra luggage! Again we were shocked and disappointed that even though it was Philippine Air's fault, we were still being asked to pay extra. But to make matters worse, we tried three times to reshuffle the bags to make the weight less and because the weight was just over (11.5kgs per bag) we were turned back and told we would still have to pay. We then asked the service counter if we could then get a refund for the extra fee we paid back in May (PHP 448 per person - we still don’t know what this fee is for??) given we were told the wrong thing and we were paying this fee for nothing. They told us that they couldn't refund anything and it was unlikely that we would ever get our money back. By this time we were very annoyed and frustrated and by the fourth try we were able to get our bags back down to 20kgs total (10kg each). But now we were taking a lot of bags on board! What a waste of time and energy this was for everyone! Either way the luggage was going onboard, and given they were the ones who made the mistake, they should have simply allowed us to check all original bags in!
Philippine Air staff were very rigid in helping us by declining our weight even though it was close to the 20kgs required for two people (NO OTHER AIRLINE IS THIS RIGID! - WE HAVE FLOWN AROUND THE WORLD OVER 30 COUNTRIES AND NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM!) We asked for grace with the baggage limit, but were plainly refused.
How many of us carry only 10kg each while travelling? Philippine Air should have the option of 20kg baggage check in, instead of charging per kg at an astronomical rate at the airport!!! BASICALLY ROBBING!

Jan 27, 2017

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