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Had browsed a different product online, but didn't finish filling out the form. Half an hour later I get a phonecall from a friendly American guy asking why I hadn't completed the form. Told him it was the monthly price of £79 for the product. He told me he could offer me raspberry ketone for £24.99 a month instead so I agreed to that, giving my bank details for the initial charge of £1.95. However, when I received the first email, I became suspicious, the product listed was not the raspberry ketones, so I registered with the website, hoping to be able to change it. The raspberry ketone wasn't even on the website, and nor were my 1000 reward points. Even more suspicion. So, I tried to cancel the order, couldn't do it. I phoned the customer helpline, the lady I spoke to said it was all cancelled, but it wasn't, my details were still on the website etc. So...I looked online to see if I could find info on the company and it lead me here. Needless to say, I have now cancelled my bank card before they can take any more than the £1.95!!

Jun 07, 2018

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