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Driving home with a friend in my peugeot 308, my car gave a stop warning. I parked on the side irritated as this was not the first time considering I bought the car brand new still under warranty just been serviced by peugeot durban in dec cause of engine problems, they worked on it only to have it burn4months later&at 3 months pregnant, I needed a reliable car. While phoning peugeot assist smoke started coming from the bonnet. Coughing& choking we opened doors, tried to open the bonnet but it was too hot. We looked under the car&there were flames building up. Panicking I told the call centre agent to get the fire dep as the car was now on fire. The car completely burnt down as we stood there. After sending forensics, all peugeot s. A could say was that the battery used by dealership caused the fire as it was not approved &I must deal with dbn dealership. Ofcause dealership believes they are not at fault&I must sort myself out with insurance. No one from peugeot cares that I now had excess to pay, my premiums will go up&having bought a home my affordability now does not allow me to purchase a car &what if my baby was harmed by smoke! Pregnant stuck with no car tks to peugeot. Never buy a peugeot! They don't care about their clients!

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      28th of Oct, 2013

    Known 308 faults
    PSF1fuse box filled with water by faulty engine temp sensor causing corrosion and electrical thermal incident(Peugeot talk for fire)
    If car is diesel the turbo heat shields breaking and rubbing through the oil cooler pipe allowing oil on to hot exhaust and catch fire
    Oil leak from oil filter seal due to being incorrectly fitted during service, this is common due to the design of the seal and it being hard to see in the engine bay.
    Fuel leak from high pressure supply pipes diesels are very prone to this.
    If diesel injectors leaking past the seals and allowing hot gas and carbon the damage components around the top of the engine
    All these are very common faults with this vehicle and can easily cause fire. Peugeot do know of the faults but would sooner keep quiet as a major recall program would cost millions and they do not have the money to do it however they would prefer to have their customers drive death traps around.

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