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Parts were ordered for my Peugeot 207 CC on the 4/6/2018 from Peugeot in South Africa. These parts have still not arrived in SA. The current ETA for the orders listed below is 31/7/2018 after a number of previous ETA that were not met by Peugeot. According to Zanele in Peugeot customer care division she is not able to trace the t parts in transit as they don't have access to check and will only know on the 31/7/2018 if its arrived or not.
Such terrible service from Peugeot. Will not buy another Peugeot waiting to sell this car once paired
Vin: VF3WB5FR8BE089546
Model : Peugeot 207
WIP: 10365- p7136y6
WIP: 10337-p7429f9

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    My vehicle has been in the repair shop at Auto Magic in (South Africa) since the 31st of May 2018. Parts were ordered on the 4th of June 2018 from Peugeot for my vehicle. I was given several delivery dates from Peugeot for the delivery of the parts for my vehicle, to be disappointed on each day that arrived that the parts have not arrived from Peugeot, this is the new ETA.
    After 4 weeks of not getting any joy with Peugeot South Africa, I explaining my situation on Hello Peter, a platform for complains, I then received feedback from Zanele, who is Peugeot customer relations manager, that my parts will be arriving on the 31/7/2018.
    It is now the 25th of July 2018, so I decided I need to be proactive dealing with Peugeot as they are not service driven, so I follow up on the delivery of the parts to ensure its still scheduled to arrive on the 31/7/2018, only to be informed by Zanele that she will only know on the 31/7/2018 and she has no access to trace the parts in transit. I then asked for contact details for Peugeot international so I could follow up with Peugeot international direct as I am more than frustrated now due to the delay on these parts, Zanele informed me that they don't have contact details for France.
    Zanele is of no help and I find it very strange that Peugeot South Africa have no contact details for Peugeot in France.

    This is disappointing service . Current Peugeot customers in South Africa and those looking at purchasing a Peugeot need to be informed that they are going to have this constant problem of not having parts available in South Africa. I have experienced this problem twice with Peugeot not having parts available for repairs.
    Pathetic service thus far. I will never purchase another Peugeot nor will I recommend this brand to other customers.

    I want to know if the parts for my car are still on schedule for the 31/7/2018 and that there are no more delays.
    Vin: VF3WB5FR8BE089546
    Model : Peugeot 207
    Warranty start date: 25/01/2012
    Warranty end date: 25/01/2015
    THIS IS THE CURRENT ETA FROM PEUGEUT CUSTOMER CARE DIVSION for the below parts : 31/07/2018 due to delayed delivery .
    WIP: 10365- p7136y6
    WIP: 10337-p7429f9

    Customer Relations Case Manager
    Peugeot Citroën South Africa
    Phone: (Peugeot) [protected]
    Phone: (Citroën) [protected]
    Fax: +[protected]
    Email: zanele.[protected]
    Web: /

    Shireen Balakisten

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    Terrible service from Peugeot.
    They don't care about customer service.
    Once you buy a peugeot you will not have parts available when it breaks down, think before you buy this car.

Jul 25, 2018

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