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Peugeot / six years delay in a replacement part

1 Queensland, Australia

In July 2004 I purchased a Peugeot 307 HDi. The dash-board display grew dimmer with time especially when the interior of the car was hot. This was brought to the attention of the local Peugeot dealership from whom the car was purchased. They couldn’t find anything wrong saying that the fault must be intermittent.

The display remained dim and I continued to raise the matter with the Service personnel and in particular with the Service Manager. Nothing was done about it. In frustration in 2006 I brought the matter to the attention of the State dealership since I had read in forums that some of these displays could be faulty. They said that they had no knowledge of this type of problem. I asked if I could obtain a replacement part through them. Their recommendation was that I refer the matter back to my local dealership and pursue the replacement part through them.

When I raised the matter with the local dealership again, I was told that the Service Manager had resigned and that they were not aware of any problem with my vehicle. I was told that matters in the Service Department were chaotic under the previous Manager. As there was no resolution of this matter in sight through the local dealership, I approached Peugeot Australia in 2007 as well as keeping the local dealership and the State dealership informed in the hope that someone could resolve this matter.

Copies of all correspondence were forwarded to Peugeot Australia and they communicated their concern apologizing for the delay in the resolution of this matter. They could not provide me with the part directly and recommended that I communicate with my local dealership to arrange repairs. I indicated that this had proved fruitless in the past and that I would prefer to deal with the State dealership. I was told to communicate with them and that the State dealership would inspect the faulty part and install a replacement.

When subsequently I made contact with them, they had no knowledge of the matter nor had they received the replacement part and again referred me back to my local dealership. I approached them again and spoke to the Dealer Principal who had no knowledge of the problem though he acknowledged that the display was faulty. He recommended that I take the matter up again with the State dealership since they were supposed to receive the replacement part and organize its replacement. I communicated the unresolved state of the matter to Peugeot Australia in August 2009.

The dashboard display has become illegible in warm weather. I took the car to Brisbane to the Service Department of the State dealership where it was acknowledge by the Manager that it was faulty and should be replaced. However he had no knowledge of my problem and recommended that contact Peugeot Australia to arrange for a replacement part to be forwarded to them assuming that I wanted it to be handled as a warranty claim six years after it was first raised with the local Peugeot dealership. I await a response from Peugeot Australia.


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