Peugeot 206 / bad design and engineering

I bought a brand new Peugeot 206 in 2005 and purchased a 60000km maintenance plan. At my last service I requested Peugeot to check the cambelt. At 71000km while reversing out of my drive way the cambelt stripped and seized my engine. After inspection at the Peugeot workshop they concluded that the cause of the damage was a faulty water pump. There was no indication by means of a warning light that the water pump was faulty. I fail to understand that a +-R800 water pump has caused damage to my engine of +-R20000, of which Peugeot refuse to pay for because my car is out of warantee. Due to the bad engineering of the Peugeot, I believe that it is their responsiblity to disclose this kind of information to unsuspecting consumers who own a Peugeot or are thinking of purchasing a Peugeot. Every owner of a Peugeot designed in this way is at risk of this happening. It has been 4 months for Peugeot to make a decision and have not even offered me a courtesy car. Or even tried to compensate in any form. This is how they treat the little guy. And the little consumer has to just accept it as it is impossible to fight against a huge international company.

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