PetSmart / grooming salon

Compton, CA, United States

When I took my small dog in for grooming at the Compton location I was given unclear explanation of prices. I expressed I wanted my dog to have her hair cut, teeth cleaned, nails cut, glans done, moisturising conditioner. The clerk started telling me they use an oat meal shampoo for dry itchy skin.I said well I know she doesn't scratch hardly ever and she has the flea drops avantix on, I just told her the oatmeal shampoo wasn't needed and just a regular shampoo with conditioner will be fine as discussed. Then she stated the price would be 52-56$. So I asked her now with this price jusr to confirm will my dog still get her teeth, glans and nails done, clerk replied "no you didn't tell me about teeth cleaning" I reminded her I did. Then she stated that teeth would be $22. I asked what were you charging me initially, she said the basic package without all everything I ask for. How confusing. So I ended up getting a premium service at $67. My dogs hair was cut short without no cute appearance I could have shaved her myself and trimmed her face better and I not trained. It look like the groomer didn't care. Compared to some of the dogs I saw getting cute facial cuts my dog looked very basic. She smelled like she did before I took her there was no shampoo smell I don't believe she even had a conditioner applied. And nails were not trimmed, still too long. I don't mind paying the price of $67 I have a problem of not getting what I paid for. Bad customer relation and grooming services should be free from what I experienced. Oh, and I didn't mention in the middle if the uninformed consultation the clerk excused herself and left outside -I waited there for more than 5 minutes she then came back in with her food. No one came to help or assist or advise in order to speed up this already dreadful service. I should have just left. But I know I won't be back.

Oct 14, 2017

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