Petsmart / Capital Contractorswages

I was hired February 2013 to clean Bismarck Petsmart by David Fischer from Capital Contractors. The job and paycheck went well until Capital hired different people around October 2013. My agreement with David Fischer was $1000 @ month and Capital would furnish a scrubber and a buffer. Weeks later, the (refurbished) scrubber arrived. Both front wheel bearings were totally worn which made the scrubber almost impossible to push, and there were many other issues with the machine. Capital hired a repairman 200 miles from Bismarck to work on the machine every time it needed it. Approximately 6 weeks later, the buffer arrived. Damaged in transit, but the repairman decided to replace the batteries and call it good. After the new employees at Capital saw what their machines were costing, they decided to change my contract saying I was responsible for the labor and repairs on their machines. I refused to sign, so they refused to pay me my wages. I talked to the store managers, and Anne from Phoenix, (head of Bismarck store), all of who said there was nothing they could do. The previous cleaner also did not get her last months pay. That's why the store sat unclean for many weeks until I started working there. We cleaned January, February, and March of 2014 but never got any money. I agreed to clean till the end of April, but with no pay I decided to stop March 31st. Capital Contractors owes me for all four months. Petsmart paid Capital for my cleaning, but they decided just to keep the money. I did everything I was supposed to do and did a good job.

Jan 22, 2015

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