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I had a 150 gallon saltwater tank that had 5 fish in it and 95lbs of live rock in it. It had been setup for two years and I had no fish death in the two years. I had received two fish five weeks ago from mid cities fish. they were doing great. The I was at petco with my family 1 week ago and my kids wanted a cow fish at which point I thought was ugly but they wanted it so I got the fish for them. I took the fish home and dripped him and then put him into the tank. The next morning he was dead. So my wife took the fish back to petco to see if we could get our money back or exchange the fish. The manager looked at the fish and told the wife it was my water it was bad and that is what killed the fish and she would prove it to her by testing my water and then she would go from there. So I laugh at that but took a sample of my water up there and she looked at the water and tested it and came back and told me my water was perfect as far as their test goes, But something was wrong with it that she could not detect. So I said I want to get a sample of the water the fish came out of and she said no. I told her she better or I would contact her manager and if they didn't do anything i would see her in court. She then said fine and got a sample of the water then I told her to test the water and when she did the nitrates were over we120 ppm which is to be zero and the nitrite was over 5.0 ppm and again was to be at zero. So at that time I told her to give me my money back and she did. I also noticed the tank was being treated and asked what it was being treated for and she told my it was none of my business so I asked for a D.M number and she refused to give me one. The next day I lost a clown fish and a loin fish, two days later my dog face puffer eyes got cloudy and he got spots over night so I took him out of the tank and put him into a med tank and was treating him for ich for a week and tonight he died meanwhile The other clown fish died along with my yellow back so now all my fish have died. I talked to petco again tonight the one I got the cow fish from on denton highway and they swear that it was not them and they will do nothing but it is funny that all the fish in the tank the cow fish came out of all died!!! that was out of the manager mouth.but they will not do nothing and again tried to say it must have been my water which i had taken up a sample of and when tested it was perfect. The funnier part about it was there were two other people in the store when I was in there that had the same problem after getting saltwater fish a week ago from that same store I got their name and numbers and we are going to take legal action against that store. I have had saltwater tanks for over 25 years and have never had this happen and then again I never got fish from petco either.

Apr 23, 2014
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  • Ju
      24th of Apr, 2014

    That really is sad to hear. Please post a follow up and let us know how this goes.

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