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Petco / customer service

1 Salem, NH, United States

Recently, my mother went into this Petco to get me a set of grooming clippers for my birthday. She went over to the case and called over an employee. It took her several minutes of wondering around to find someone to help her. When she finally found someone, it was a groomer who helped her find a store associate. When she got the male employee over to the case, she started to ask him about which clippers to buy for me. She said he was very pleasant and knowledgeable. When she decided to buy a set, he had to find someone with the key. After waiting 20 minutes, he returned to say that the manager had gone home and that they did not have the key to open the case. He said that she would have to come back another time. She planned on giving it to me that night, so she settled for a gift card. She told the employee that she wanted to get a gift card for the amount of the clippers set that she wanted to get. He told her how much the particular set was and she got the gift card. She shared this story with me that night because it upset her and she thought it was inconvenient that she couldn’t get the item she wanted and had to leave with something else.
This is a continuation of a previous complaint. After my mother told us the story of how she ended up with a gift card instead, I was very hesitant to go to back to the store. My boyfriend and I went just a few nights later with a description of the clippers set that my mother got the gift card for. (Reminder: the employee got the gift card amount for how much the exact clipper set was) We walked over to the closed and locked case with the grooming clippers in it. There were only three boxes in there, but one matched the brand and description and was sitting under the price tag that matched what we were told. We walked around for several minutes trying to find a store associate to open the case but we could not find one. I had to walk to the front and wait in line to talk to the cashier to get him to come help us. Finally he came over and showed him which item I wanted. He went and got the keys pretty quickly and got the item for us. I am not sure of his name but he was blonde and very helpful and very nice. He took us to the register and rang up the set of clippers which my mother was told by the employee were around 78.00. (the amount she got the gift card for) The same clippers rang up for around 160.00. We explained the situation and so he agreed that it didn't sound right. He called over Jodi. She came over and confirmed that it was rung up as the correct price. At this point we started to get a bit annoyed at all the trouble we went through and it only got worse.

This is yet another continuation to a previous complaint. After we were told that it was the correct price, we explained the situation and nicely expressed how upsetting this was that we have put a lot of effort into just getting a single item. She understood and went to find the clipper set that matched the price we were given. When she came back she stated that they only had the around 160.00 ones or the around 20.00 ones. At this point my boyfriend was very aggravated with the whole situation and explained that we don’t want to settle for a cheaper one and that it was very irresponsible for the store to have a locked case that only employees can get into with products placed under the wrong price signs. At this point she said with an attitude "What do you want me to do? I can't discount a 160.00 item to 78.00" My boyfriend in reply said, "We should get something since it’s not our fault that your employees marked this the wrong price and told her mother the wrong price" he then asked to see a manager. Her response was "We don't have a store manager, you'll have to call corporate." At this point her attitude really got to me, who was quite this whole time. Finally I burst out, "Fine! We'll come back with my mom to return the card and we will go to Petsmart from now on!" as one last word, my boyfriend asked them to make sure nothing was charged to the gift card because it had been swiped. After all this, I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and tried using the gift card online. Low and behold there was no money on it! When my mother returned to the store, they gave her a hard time about returning the gift card saying that it showed it had already been used.

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