Petcolive fish care

I believe the petco in sequim, Washington and many other petco places shouldn't be able to take care of live fish, or they should start taking car of them. Since petco is a widely known pet store for all of your needs you can expect them not to care. Many petco places take more care of the items in the shop/mammal pets, then they do to aquatic pets avaliable in their stock. When I went there recently I saw dead multiple fish stuck to filters (lowering ph and creating high ammonia levels) in almost every tank. Brand new fish in bags that clearly indicate that they have been in there for a very long time ( examples of this are: bag of plecos filled with dirty water and tons of poop breathing heavily and one half dead, and a bag of 12 swordtails with 9 dead). Not to mention the aggressive fish problems listing.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Sequim, WAMany of the blood parrots with hole in the head disease, and a hole tank filled with baby albino Oscars with hole in the head disease also. Giving unhealthy fish to the public should not be a acceptable thing. The overstocked 10 gallontanks, and aggressive fish being with the wrong species leaves to more dead fish. The usual common goldfish that are fed to larger fish are all filled with diseases, sometimes leading to people who buy them loosing their fish. And Koi given no room to swim, stunted growth, gasping for air. Small tanks filled with sick and dying fancy goldfish. If petco wants to help animals they should start with raking care of the animals they profit from. In all this petco, and many others should not be able to sell live fish without an expert fish caretaker always doing maintenance on the tanks.
This is abuse and I'd suggest it gets taken care of.

Apr 29, 2017

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