PetcoI am complaining due to my health and my daughter we are always seen sean smoking marijuana

A Nov 15, 2017 Review updated:

Every day we go shopping at petco for all of our animals I don't have nothing against people smoking marijuana but Sean is always smoking in front of the store and always smells really bad when we try ask for assistance poor guy don't even no where he at sometimes that's how stone out of his mine he is my daughter is only 9 and people who smokes do more damage to the ones around them so pls I encourage you to remove him from petco or make him transfer cause I will not stop till he's gone its disturbing that he can follow a simple protocol to help customers and gives some much attitude for nonsense


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      Nov 15, 2017

    Your complaint is very hard to read due to your grammar and run-on sentences.

    It's very likely you don't have his actual blood/urine results to confirm it is marijuana. It is also likely that you don't have his medical records. If the marijuana is used for medicinal purposes and is prescribed by a doctor, there may not be much that Petco can do, especially if he is outside and technically off of store property. They will not (and should not) transfer him due to the complaint of one customer. I do understand that any smoke can be unpleasant (I have asthma), so if it truly bothers you then you may want to consider visiting a different store.

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