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I worked for PETCO for over two years, promoted to pricing and inventory manager held this position for eight months part of my job was to mark items down to manager choice before they get donated to rescue groups, during that time they transfer over a assistant manager who was already labeled as lazy, I complained about her from the start her demeanor was racial she was always profiling the African American customers and employee's accusing them of stealing items from the store and stealing snakes when in fact the snakes were never missing she did not do a proper habitat check when I called PETCO HOTLINE and my DM all of my complaints were ignored and in January 2010, I marked down a blk fish stand from the last standing clearance price of $72.00 to the new manager choice price of $65.00 which I had the right to do so, and on that Saturday weekend before Superbowl I purchased one for that price plus my discount which I had the right to use and everyone knew about it, they waited until almost seven weeks after that when I complained again against there assistant store manager for racial profiling against an ex African American ex employee and slandering my name to lower ranking employees to say I should not have bought the product for that price and fired me and refuse to give me my unemployment, when they all know it was a lie I had been purchasing manager choice since I was first hired and while I was in the position NO-One Never Came and Said What Your Doing Is Wrong, However the assistant store manager was able to deceive PETCO return all products off a receipt that a Caucasian employee parent had purchased without their discount card then re-ring it and apply the employee discount without the parent nor the product in the store and sign forms and return $20.00 dollars to the employee dad who happens to be her neighbor: PETCO Policy you cannot get your discount without your card and proper ID, so is that not internal theft, but she is still employed, she's Caucasian, he's Caucasian and I am a person of color. If you believe in equal treatment no matter ethical profile BOYCOTT PETCO, THEY ARE LIARS, BIAS AND PREJUDICES... MAKE YOUR VOICE OF DISAPPROVAL COUNT...

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      6th of May, 2010

    Sounds like Jimmy probably not so big stick is a Petco corporate employee and a ###, to boot.

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