Petcoanne quinn whom is in sales

On Sunday 1-29-17 I was checking a new customer in when I received a phone call. I was asked if we do walk-ins I said yes. I asked her if I could put her on hold and explained to her that I was helping a client and as soon as I'm done I'll be glad to help her. As I'm helping the client and putting her information into the computer the phone alerts me to let me know theirs someone on hold it wasn't but a second later that I receive another call not knowing its the same lady that I had on hold calling me again. I told her I needed to put her on hold that I'm helping a client when she started yelling at me over the phone. I hung up on the yelling. She in turns calls management to complain about me hanging up on her. The clients I was helping could hear the woman yelling at me over the phone that's how loud she was. When I went to Cameron to tell him about me hanging up on the woman and why. He tells me she from corporate. I told him I don't care who she is there was need for her to yell at me I was helping a client. He said I should care cause she from corporate. We have one computer and I can only help one person at a time on the computer. This woman name is Anne Quinn evidently she felt because she from corporate she should have priority. Not only did she complained to the manager but it didn't stop there, she brought her anger into the salon. I felt intimidated by her throwing her weight around saying she from corporate and my manager saying I should care cause she from corporate like if my job being threaten. Hanging up on an irate person on the phone is nothing compared to my salon manager leaving her dogs on the table unattended numerous times, she been told not to leave the dog unattented on the grooming table by Scott, Cregg, Cameron and the woman manager who now works at the Redlands store along with her vulgar language and was asked by Cregg that she needs to tone it down. Our salon manager is on her cell phone while she bathing dogs either texting or talking also while she grooming the dogs. Cameron our manager sees it cause she on her phone when he comes into the salon. We don't have supplies have the time were always running out of shampoo. Charging people for shedless treatment when we may not have any shedless product. You can't say anything cause if you do she finds away to get rid of you or give you a hard time. So, who are you going to complain to Cameron he shows her the complaints. Yes, I've had complaints about me from customers but these same customers who complain about me has complained about all of the groomers and other salons. One customer by the name of Fate got mad cause she was a week late for her appointment and her groomer was on vacation and because I told her that her appointment was a week ago and her groomer on vacation she got mad at me and hated me ever since. Another complaint about me was cause I charged bijou owner five dollar to groom the face, she said the other girls were doing it for free and while the manager Jim was standing there the woman uncontrollable, started yelling at me and the manager to fire me all because I was going to charge her five dollars for a hair cut on the face.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Victorville, CA I've been grooming for 22 yrs with a successful mobile grooming services 2 vans 4 groomers and featured in the Inland Empire Magazine through out San Bernardino County and Riverside also open up mobile services for my son in hesperia 3 vans with 3 employees taught all of my grandkids how to groom the youngest being 7 and now 12 whom is a fantastic groomer along with my cousin who writes books on dog training among other dog books that you have on your shelves whom is a judge for dog shows and shows her dogs and has won grand champion. We are definitely a dog family. I couldn't of had successful business for 12 yrs and be feature in magazines if I wasn't good at my job. Evy's Mobile Pet Salon is still a successful business the difference is my daughter in law whom I taught to groom now owns the business that I sold her, we send customers to your Fontana store all the time cause my daughter in law has to high of a clientel. I had helped out the Humane Society convicting a animal abuser whom was a high official in the San Bernardino Council, we're first on the list with Animal Control to groom any dogs that are rescue from puppy mills in the Devore area. Evy's Mobile Pet Salon has been in business since 1995 successfully all over San Bernardino and Riverside county. So, to have your employee to come in the store and intimidate me infront of my co workers I felt threaten along with my manager only listen to Anne Quinn cause she from corporate. Cameron didn't even want to hear that two customers heard what happen he only care this woman from corporate. I would like to know how this matter going to be taken care of. You definitely have a salon manager problem one who addicted to her cell phone and leaves her dogs unattended on the table its just a matter of time before a dog hangs itself. The bad part is Scott our district manager at the time caught her leaving a dog on the table unattended, along with your GM Craig and now your GM Cameron and I can't think who was the female managers at the Victorville store 1510 and now at the Redlands store caught her twice leaving dogs unattended on the grooming table and was told again not to leave a dog on the table. Plus, the vulgar language that Carly uses was told by GM Craig to tone it down which she still hasn't, along with watching you tube and listen to vulgar comedy shows while she grooming dogs. Unfortunately we have no choice we have to listen to it cause she thinks its funny. She has also told us that she technically doesn't have to work nights or clean. I've asked Carly to teach me about the new texting, she still hasn't shown me. I asked one of my coworkers to teach me cause Carly was to busy texting and on her phone with her ear plugs talking. The reason why Carly gets so many dogs done is she works during her lunch hour, when lunch time comes rolling around she'll clock out for lunch come back to the salon start grooming her dog and when she needs to clock in she stops what she doing to go clock by in, sometimes one of the other girls a clock Carly back in from lunch. The new hire Anne. Carly doesn't intend to keep her but Carly doesn't teach her anything she been learning from the groomers. This girl can make it in grooming she just needs someone to teach her and our salon manager hasn't been doing this cause she doesn't intend to keep her. Carly has a big turn over in firing and hiring. Groomers are a dime a dozen but to find good ones is hard to come by and to find people that are dedicated to work on time is hard to come by.

Jan 30, 2017

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