Petco Animal Suppliescustomer services

My daughter is the assistant manager at the store in Springfield, Illinois . I called my daughter off for work for a serious problem we continue to struggle to save her kidney. This morning she awoke with issues surrounding her kidney diagnosis. I spoke to an associate with the name Cassidy. I explained the situation and ask her to relay the message to the store manager by the name of Anna. Cassidy was very non-understanding and seem very agitated at my call and explanation of why my daughter Kiera would not and could not come to work. I asked her why she was so abrupt on the phone and her response was very snotty I got to go! I hope this girl does not treat the customers with the same disrespect that she showed to me. My daughter will probably not be happy that I wrote this but as a mother who prays daily that my daughters kidney is not lost I felt I was in the right.

Jun 10, 2018

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