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I was stopping by one of my local Petco stores, shopping mostly for my hermit crabs when I decided to check on the hermit crabs your store keeps. When I did, I was almost horrified. With one glance I saw many things wrong. I will opt to name just a few, however. One, the substrate inside of the enclosure was not nearly deep enough. There was about a half inch of substrate. Hermit crabs need at least 3-4 inches, and that goes up depending on how large the crabs are. Secondly, the humidity was way too low. Having low humidity can suffocate your animals, due to their species modified gills. Third, the temperature was also much too low. I believe it was at around 60 F, and it needs to be between 75 to 80 degrees Farhenheight to properly accommodate crabs. Fourth, there were no shells for the crabs to switch between. It is natural hermit crab behavior for them to switch shells, either because the one they're in is too small or because they simply want to change their shell. Not having shells for these animals to switch between can cause them to fight each other for shells, often killing one of the two crabs fighting. I have no doubts that all your stores keep their crabs in these kinds of conditions, because hermit crabs are seen as 'throwaway pets' but they simply are not. I sincerely hope that you will correct these problems quickly, otherwise I do believe you'll no longer be receiving my business.

May 07, 2017

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