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Pepboys Store # 732 / the blatant disregard of respect and good customer service

1 Ontario, CA, United States
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I had an appointment at 3 to get inspected for Lyft Virgil told me to go wait in the waiting room waiting in the waiting room he passed me three times not saying a word an hour passes by I lose my patience and go to find out what's going on I'm told by another worker oh the one person that does the Lyft inspection has just gone on break and I said what I've been waiting here an hour he told me Y and inspection only takes about 2 to 3 minutes I said yes I know so when I finally spoke to Virgil again I asked him I've been waiting an hour what happened why haven't you come and said anything to me about my inspection he tells me oh it didn't notify me I told him I notified you I walked up here and told you I'm here for Lyft inspection he said I can't do anything until it goes through the computer I tell him okay understandable why wait an hour for me to have to come to you and ask what's going on rather than you come back to me and say hey I haven't received your appointment on my end maybe there is some kind of problem no no nothing like that instead Virgil laughed in my face I asked him what's funny he replied with a smirk and continues to laugh I asked him again then why are you still laughing I've been here waiting for an hour and you go on break why haven't I been helped yet at what point after you know I am here for a Lyft inspection as an hour passes do you go and communicate with the customer on top of that laugh in my face and when I ask for a manager they said he's not here I just so happen to buy a pair of sunglasses so I know the exact date and time in which I was thereit wasn't so much the mistake that pissed me off it was the fact that he had the audacity to laugh directly in my face about the situation Giggle and smirk. cars like us people love us not likely this wasted my whole day my time my money and most of all my patience I'm extremely unsatisfied and I will never give Pep Boys any business and will refer to my Giant following on social media to do the same. This is the Ontario store number 732 manager Kirk Robinson and the person that was extremely rude unprofessional uncaring and had a sense that he just didn't want to do anything today well his name is Virgil I do not have his last name but he is the one with the goatee under 30 years old more than likely

Pepboys Store # 732

Oct 6, 2018

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